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Farmers Association in Tamil Nadu Block Veeranam Coal Mine Projects, Ensue Protests

The Federation of All Farmers Association in Tamil Nadu successfully blocked the Veeranam coal mine project in the Cuddalore district.

Shivangi Rai
Based on a government ordinance issued by the former AIADMK government, permission given to various companies
Based on a government ordinance issued by the former AIADMK government, permission given to various companies

The state government's announcement withdrawing permission to conduct a study for the project has been welcomed by the coordinating committee of the association.

The withdrawal is seen as a victory for the farmers, who had been protesting against the project. Association president P R Pandian has warned that massive protests would be staged if the government does anything against the orders.

The Cauvery delta in Tamil Nadu had been declared a protected agricultural zone by the previous government, and permission was given to several companies for the extraction of hydrocarbons, coal, natural gas, crude oil, and methane. However, the permission was nullified with the announcement of the withdrawal of the Veeranam coal mine project.

The livelihood of 5 lakh farmers in Buvanagiri, Kattumannarkoil, and Chidambaram depends on more than two acres of land that would have been affected by the coal mine project. The project was initially proposed by the Union Government in 2017 but was refused permission by the then chief minister J Jayalalithaa.

In 2022, the district collector of Cuddalore gave permission for studies to be carried out, leading to a series of protests. Finally, minister Thangam Thannarasu announced in the assembly that the government would not allow any studies to be conducted for the project.

Pandian emphasized that any permission given by the state government in violation of the orders would result in massive protests. The farmers' association is determined to protect their livelihood and the agricultural zone from any detrimental effects of the project.

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