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Farmers Tractor Rally Live: Full Coverage of What Happened on 26 January 2021, Farmer Protest

Farmers' tractor march has turned violent on the occasion of Republic Day in protest against agricultural laws. There have been pictures of clashes between farmers and police in many places. Farmers have broken police barricades on Delhi's borders.

Pritam Kashyap
Farmers Tractor Rally Live: Police remove protesters from Red Fort; Amit Shah takes stock of situation
Farmers Tractor Rally Live: Police remove protesters from Red Fort; Amit Shah takes stock of situation

Farmers' tractor march has turned violent on the occasion of Republic Day in protest against agricultural laws. There have been pictures of clashes between farmers and police in many places. Farmers have broken police barricades on Delhi's borders. Buses and trains set up for barricading have also been broken by the farmers. Farmers have turned to violence. In many places, the police have lathi-charged to scatter the farmers who are creating a ruckus. Tear gas shells have been released in many places.

Let's look on Updates on What Happened on 26 January 2021: 

  • Farmers organizations have issued some instructions to conduct this parade in a peaceful manner. It was said on behalf of United Kisan Morcha, that they are going to make history. Till date, on the Republic Day in the country, the people of this country, that is, have never carried out a parade like this. We have to keep in mind that there should not be any kind of blot in this historic parade. Our victory is in the parade being completed peacefully and without any incident. Remember, we are not going to win Delhi, we are going to win the hearts of the people of the country. 

  • More than 30 social organizations of Gurugram will participate in the tractor parade of farmers on the occasion of Republic Day in the city.

  • Congress will welcome the tractor rally of farmers on the rally route today to show solidarity with the farmers who are demanding the repeal of the three agricultural laws in Delhi.

  • The police administration has done its best for the tractor parade of farmers on Republic Day. A large number of police personnel have been deployed because of the parade of farmers.

  • On the Ghazipur border, farmers are seen swinging on patriotic songs on the occasion of Republic Day. With the tricolour in their hands, the farmers are playing and humming the songs of patriotism. Farmers say that on the occasion of Republic Day today, tractor parades will be taken out in Delhi, which will be historic. Farmers say that this parade will be carried out peacefully. During this time, the farmers also appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to withdraw the three agricultural laws.

  • The Bhopra Border Police connecting Delhi UP has made several security layers so that no tractor can enter the border of Delhi. Large stone cranes are placed on the roads. The border has been sealed through a barricade. Hundreds of policemen have been deployed in security so that there is no mistake in security on Republic Day.

  • Preparations have started for the farmer tractor parade on Republic Day on the Ghazipur border. 500 farmers will remain under the security system. The entire march will be monitored by drone cameras. A national flag will be performed in front of the agitation stage at 9 am today, in which women will also be involved.

  • In view of the tractor parade, the Delhi Police has closed all the routes going to the Singhu border.

  • Avoid going these routes The tractor parade in Ghaziabad district will pass through UP Gate, NH-24, Apsara Border, Mohan Nagar, Hindon Bridge, Meerut Tiraha, Meerut Road, IMA College, Dulai, Eastern Peripheral, Dasna, Lalkuan. On January 26, it is advised not to go towards these routes.

  • Tension is also increasing at the ticking border. The farmer came very close to the barricade and started to dislodge the barricade.

  • People are showering flowers on farmers moving from Sighu border towards Delhi. People standing by the road are showing their support.

  • Moving beyond the Ghazipur border, farmers have broken the second layer of breaking done by Delhi Police. The convoy of farmers is continuously moving forward in Delhi.

  • The route map given by the Delhi Police for taking out the tractor parade was given to the farmers on the Ghazipur border, by breaking that route, the farmers are now moving forward in Delhi.

  • Thousands of tractors have joined the march from the Singhu border. Manjit Rai, leader of the United Kisan Morcha, says that those people will follow the route map of the police and those who will not do so, they themselves will be responsible. All the farmers were also seen saying to keep the movement peaceful.

  • Farmers are moving forward breaking the police rules in the tractor rally. The tractor journey started before time. Barricading was broken from place to place. Apart from this, an attempt was made to overturn the bus for barricading at Ghazipur border. Many youths tried to overturn the buses, but in the meantime, the elderly farmers came and the bus survived the reversal.

  • On the Ambala Delhi National Highway, tractors and flagged vehicles are constantly moving towards Delhi.

  • Satnam Singh Pannu, chairman of the Kisan Mazdoor Sangharsh Samiti from Singhu Border said that we will go in a peaceful manner and come back. We have to go to the ring road but the police are stopping. People are coming after that we will consider it. A time of 30-45 minutes has been given till then we will sit here and decide.

  • Controversy has arisen at Nangloi Chowk regarding the route from the farmers coming out of the Tikari border. The route is turned right, but the farmers want to go straight.

  • The convoy from Tikri stopped at Nangloi Chowk. Some youth are adamant about going to the ring road. The administration and their tractor are faces to face.

  • A situation of confrontation between the farmers and the police has also been created at the Noida turn.

  • There is an uproar among the farmers during the tractor parade. Farmers have turned to violence. At Mukarba Chowk, farmers have broken about 7 buses and police vehicles. Many policemen have been injured during this period. Apart from this, farmers have also taken away 1 tear gas gun.


  • The farmers broke the barricades in front of Indraprastha railway station and are moving forward.

  • The farmers of the Tikari border are divided into two parts. A large number of farmers have walked towards the forbidden root ring road by breaking the barricades.

  • Farmers' tractor march has now become headless. Farmers are not ready to accept any of their leaders.

  • Entry/exit gates of Samaypur Badli, Rohini Sector 18/19, Haiderpur Badli Mor, Jahangir Puri, Adarsh Nagar, Azadpur, Model Town, GTB Nagar, Vishwavidyalaya, Vidhan Sabha and Civil Lines are closed: Delhi Metro Rail Corporation

  • Police have lathi-charged to stop farmers from ITO moving towards Lal Kuan. Also, tear gas bullets are being used.

  • Farmers are running randomly on the streets of Delhi by promising. Delhi is completely in the possession of farmers at this time. Such general public is also facing a lot of trouble. Due to the arrival of the farmers on the road from NH 24 towards Pragati Maidan, many families have become hostages on the way in their trains. Those with small children, many are elderly. Everyone is getting upset. People say that they did not know that farmers would come through this route.

  • The uproar of farmers in Delhi is increasing. The protesting farmers have now reached the Red Fort.

  • After the violence at Mukarba Chowk, the convoy of farmers has reached Majnu's mound. Barricading was also done on this 30-km route, but farmers also demolished these barricading.

  • Rakesh Tikait, the national spokesperson of the Bharatiya Kisan Union, said that all our people are going peacefully. Those who are trying to spread the mess are marked. They are political party people and want to spoil this movement.

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