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Fee Waiver Scheme Announced for Students Who Lost a Sole-Earner Parent

Ayushi Raina
Ayushi Raina
Students in Exam Centre

The Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) on Friday announced that any students who have lost a sole earning parent during the course of the program will have their fees refunded. From today onwards, the Ramdas M Pai Scholarship will be available to students at all other Manipal-affiliated universities.

The scheme is accessible to students enrolled in any undergraduate or postgraduate program. The scholarship scheme, which was inaugurated on MAHE Chancellor Ramdas M Pai's birthday, is not just for COVID-19 victims.

In June, MAHE announced a similar fee-waiver scheme for people who had lost their parents who were the sole source of income due to Covid.

Lt Gen MD Venkatesh, Vice-Chancellor of MAHE said “Our new scholarship will go into effect from today, on the birthday of Dr Ramdas Pai, Chancellor of Manipal University. We anticipate COVID-19 will be short-lived, but we want to continue to provide this service to students in the future. Students who have lost their sole earning parent due to COVID-19 or any other unforeseen circumstance will be provided with a full fee waiver.”

“Earlier this year, we established a fee-waiver scheme for COVID-19 students. We had around 50 to 52 students who took advantage of the covid scheme. This would undoubtedly assist a huge number of students." Mr.Venkatesh stated.

So far, about 50 students have applied for the fee-waiver scheme.

Dr. Ranjan R Pai, President MAHE Trust and Chairman MEMG, stated that MAHE places a high value on the welfare of its students and has implemented a number of welfare initiatives keeping the student's interest in view. On the occasion of our Chancellor's 86th birthday, the institution of the Dr. Ramdas M Pai scholarship is one such welfare measure that will benefit MAHE students who end up losing their sole earning parent during their course of study, ensuring that they do not face any financial hardship in completing their course.

He went on to say that this scholarship would be implemented at the other universities in the group, including Manipal University in Jaipur and Sikkim Manipal University in Gangtok.

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