Food Waste Calculator reveals cost of Binning

The whole world is working on the food security. There are messages also that do not leave any food  in the plate after eating as wastage. Still people are in the habit of leaving the small amount of the food left over in the plate. Do You know the price of the food as left over. No one bothers.

United Kingdom based Food Tech company named "It`s Fresh !" had developed the virtual gadget. It is the calculator which calculate the leftover material in the monitory values.

We are all guilty of forgetting to eat products in our fridges and cupboards before the use-by date. However, this food waste could amount to quite a large sum of money each year. Now households can add up exactly how much money they ‘throw in the bin’ every month, with the launch of a food waste calculator.

The virtual gadget, which has been launched by UK food tech company It’s Fresh!, does the sums after users reveal their household size, and input what fruit and vegetables they’ve wasted. It then reveals how much that will cost them in a year, as well as how much energy it will waste.

The calculator was launched to try and combat food waste, as British households throw away £13 billion (€14.7 bln) worth of food every year, according to the British Government.

Half of all food waste takes place in the home, it’s said, which costs UK households £700 a year. Twenty-five percent of the world’s fresh water supply is used to grow food that is never eaten, according to the United Nations.

And at the current rate, an additional 2.3bn people will be on the planet by 2050 – which will require a 60-70 percent increase in global food production.  

It’s Fresh! founder Simon Lee as saying: “‘We hope that the calculator will bring this important issue to life for consumers, and help everyone better understand that when we waste food, we waste everything.”

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