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Fridge-Freezer made of Corrugated Cardboard

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

The Fruits and Vegetables are having limited shelf life for which it is not  possible to transport  these to far-off places. India being the second largest producer of the fruits and vegetables, the Post Harvest Losses are also huge in the tune of 35 to 40 percent. The F&V from the farm gate to the consumer not goes as it is. The farmers  are also not getting the right price. The refrigerated trucks are limited and by shipping the farmers produce also takes too much time. The F&V gets spoiled in between the way. The need was very much to find out the solutions towards the same. German based company brought the corrugated cardboard fridge freezer.

The modular packaging "THIMM COOL and FREEZE" for temperature-controlled shipping was awarded the iF Design Award 2018. The innovative shipping packaging enables the joint transport of frozen, chilled and non-refrigerated products within one package. 

Temperature-controlled packaging for food and medical devices 

Multiple temperature zones within one shipping package make the "THIMM COOL and FREEZE" a sustainable innovation in e-commerce. The different zones are ideal for shipping temperature-sensitive foods or medical products. A combination with temperature-insensitive products is possible. "The construction consists of a two-part outer packaging and modular inlays for different temperature zones," explains Martin Meinecke, packaging developer at Thimm. "The outer packaging protects from moisture such as condensation with a layer of polyethylene. By means of novel folding techniques, the box can be rapid constructed and stabilized. The temperature zones are generated by inlays. Thus, they can be combined for the transport of, for example, fruit or vegetables with fresh products such as cheese or sausage.”

The inlay for uncooled products consists of corrugated cardboard and is the basis for the other temperature zones. A blanket of natural fibers enclosed in polyethylene foil acts as an insulator. Water-based cooling batteries provide a target temperature below 3 degrees Celsius and create the transport area for refrigerated products. For frozen products, dry ice is used to reach a temperature of -18 degrees Celsius. By means of these cooling elements the level of product cooling is controlled and maintained for up to 48 hours. Delivery is either prefabricated or as a flat pack. This corrugated cardboard packaging is a more sustainable alternative to polystyrene or plastic shipping solutions. The temperature-controlled packaging "THIMM COOL and FREEZE" is a sustainable innovation in e-commerce: it is suitable for the joint shipment of frozen, chilled and non-refrigerated food and medical devices. The temperature-controlled packaging enables the shipment of temperature-sensitive and temperature-insensitive products in one package through up to three temperature zones.

With easy2cool, THIMM has developed an innovative packaging that is suitable for the shipment of temperature-sensitive goods . The unique feature of this innovation is that products in one package can be transported through up to three temperaturezones . Modular inlays and sustainable cooling elements from easy2cool as well as resistant outer packaging ensure effective product protection during transport. easy2cool GmbH is a Munich-based company that specializes in customized, passive cooling solutions and offers holistic cooling concepts for the protection of temperature-sensitive goods.

The innovative temperature-controlled packaging, combined with a polyethylene fiber-covered insulating cover and water-based cooling elements, guarantees effective insulation and constant cooling of products over a period of at least 48 hours. The temperature-controlled packaging can be divided into different temperature ranges by means of inlays, so that the delivery of frozen, chilled and non-refrigerated products can be optimally carried out in a common delivery. The sustainable insulation technology easyfloc is an ecological and powerful alternative to polystyrene boxes and offers a high insulation effect and high shock absorption within the outer packaging, For example, in the food sector, a wide range of applications of temperature-controlled packaging from frozen foods to uncooled foods is realized.

The intensity and duration of the product cooling is controlled by dry ice for the frozen products and by water-based cooling batteries easyakku  for refrigerated products. The water-based cooling elements can be reused almost indefinitely. A coating of water-repellent polyethylene makes the temperature-controlled outer packaging resistant to condensation and other liquids. Thanks to the design features and special material properties, the temperature-controlled packaging provides optimum product protection.

Marco Knobloch, managing director of easy2cool, comments on the cooperation with THIMM in this sense:

"Together with THIMM Verpackung, we have developed an innovative packaging for temperature-controlled food that guarantees effective product protection during shipping." THIMM COOLandFREEZE, as an innovation in e-commerce, is the result of successfully integrating the expertise of industry-focused packaging know-how and sustainable insulation technology Partners appreciate the solution-oriented development competence and the quality awareness. "

The temperature-controlled packaging "THIMM COOLandFREEZE" offers as a disposable packaging concept a more sustainable alternative to solutions made of styrofoam or plastic. The temperature-controlled packaging is produced with a high percentage of recycled material and is re-fed to the material cycle after use, thereby protecting the environment. The delivery of the temperature-controlled packaging is either prefabricated or as a flat blank. It is erected by means of novel folding technology within seconds to a stable box.

From the idea to the production, THIMM Verpackung and easy2cool have developed the temperature-controlled shipping packaging together. " In the development process, the challenge was to maintain the sustainability aspect of the entire packaging concept under high functional requirements: With sustainable insulation technology and cooling elements from easy2cool and resistant, recyclable outer packaging, THIMM COOLandFREEZE provides solution-oriented and effective product protection during transport up to 48 hours. " , adds Sebastian Hennecke, Product Management THIMM Verpackung.

Advantages of temperature-controlled packaging

Effective insulation and constant cooling during shipment

Shipping of frozen, chilled and non-refrigerated products in one delivery

The temperature-controlled packaging contains modular inlays for differentiation into different temperature ranges

Chilled products for a target temperature below 3 degrees Celsius can be transported in the temperature-controlled packaging for up to 48 hours

Easy2cool water-based cooling elements control the intensity and duration of the temperature-controlled packaging of refrigerated products

Frozen products in the temperature range of -18 degrees Celsius can be transported in the temperature-controlled packaging for up to 48 hours

Dry ice controls intensity and duration in the temperature-controlled packaging of frozen products

Innovative packaging with protective function for temperature-controlled shipping

Polyethylene coating on the inside of the outer packaging provides resistance to condensation and other liquids

Delivery of the temperature-controlled packaging is either prefabricated or as a flat blank

By means of novel folding technology, the rapid adjustment of the temperature-controlled packaging to a sturdy box takes place

Ecological aspects / sustainability of temperature-controlled packaging

Temperature-controlled packaging as a disposable packaging concept and more sustainable alternative to solutions made of styrofoam or plastic

Reuse of water-based cooling elements and insulating materials from easy2cool

Innovative temperature-controlled packaging for the delivery of frozen, chilled and non-refrigerated products contains a high percentage of recycled material

Made of corrugated outer packaging and inlays can be safely supplied to the conventional recycling of valuable materials due to the paper compositions and protect the environment

C0 2Assessment of temperature-controlled packaging is significantly better compared to plastic and styrofoam shipping packaging - even in terms of reusability (multiple return transport)

Fields of application of temperature-controlled packaging

The temperature-controlled packaging can be used for all temperature-sensitive and insensitive food and medical devices

All products that are transported together in different temperature zones

Temperature-controlled shipping possible for up to 48 hours

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