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G20 Summit Preparations at International Media Centre Checked by Anurag Thakur

India's meticulous preparations for G20 Summit, cutting-edge technology, and rich cultural heritage are poised to shine on the global stage, making this a historic moment for the nation.

Shivam Dwivedi
Anurag Thakur Oversees Preparations at International Media Centre for G20 Summit (Photo Source: Anurag Thakur/Twitter)
Anurag Thakur Oversees Preparations at International Media Centre for G20 Summit (Photo Source: Anurag Thakur/Twitter)

Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Anurag Thakur, conducted a thorough inspection today of the International Media Centre in preparation for the upcoming G20 Leaders' Summit. The Summit, scheduled to take place at Bharat Mandapam between September 9th and 10th, 2023, in New Delhi, is an eagerly anticipated event, both in India and on the global stage.

During his visit, Anurag Thakur received a comprehensive tour of the Media Centre, which encompasses state-of-the-art facilities, including the Media Control Room (MCR), Studio, Production Control Room (PCR), Post Production Room (PQR), and a dedicated social media room.

Addressing the media and stakeholders at the venue, Minister Thakur expressed India's enthusiasm and pride in hosting the G20 Leaders' Summit. He shared insights into the extensive preparations, highlighting that more than 200 meetings have occurred in over 60 cities across India to make this event possible. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, marking a historic achievement in terms of event organization.

Minister Thakur emphasized his optimism that the G20 Leaders' Summit would leave an indelible mark on history, owing to the grand scale and significance of the gathering. Regarding the International Media Centre, Minister Thakur praised its world-class facilities, underscoring its role as a testament to India's power and progress. The walls of the facility are adorned with art and cultural pieces from India, creating a captivating atmosphere. Notably, the media centre is conveniently located adjacent to Bharat Mandapam, where the Summit's main proceedings will unfold.

The Minister also revealed that the primary media hub for press conferences, named "Himalaya," can accommodate more than 300 journalists. India's prowess in digital payment systems will be showcased within the pavilions, highlighting the nation's technological advancements on the global stage. Recognizing the magnitude of the Summit, Minister Thakur extended a warm welcome to the global media fraternity, acknowledging that this event will attract the largest gathering of media personnel from around the world.

Minister Thakur commended Doordarshan, India's public service broadcaster, for its extensive preparations to telecast the event. Over 78 UHD and 4K cameras have been strategically installed at various locations, from the airport to Bharat Mandapam, to ensure comprehensive coverage. A clean feed will be made available to all media outlets, ensuring uninterrupted broadcast quality.

The G20 Summit under India's presidency holds special significance, as it embodies the spirit of "Janbhagidari," which has spread across the country. Minister Thakur noted that in India, the responsibility of hosting the event extends beyond the government to all 1.4 billion citizens.

As the G20 Summit approaches, it promises to be one of the largest gatherings of media, featuring both domestic and global journalists. The event is poised to be a momentous occasion for India, reaffirming its global leadership and commitment to hosting world-class events.

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