Good News US Citizens: If You’re Distressed & Lost Your Passport in Austria then Go to McDonald's For Help

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher

Good news for the US citizens in Austria. US citizens can urgently get assistance in Austria's McDonald’s if they ever lose their passport there. So American citizens who find themselves in distress in Austria can now rush at an unusual address to McDonald's and seek support.

It has been possible under a new partnership. Under which, outlets of the US fast food chain throughout Austria will help American citizens to get in touch with their embassy, as mentioned on Facebook.

According to the embassy, "Staff (at any McDonald's in Austria) will assist them in making contact with the US Embassy for consular services." The official US Embassy Vienna Facebook page recently announced the US ambassador to Austria, Trevor D. Traina. They had signed an agreement with the country’s McDonald’s chief, Isabelle Kuster informing that McDonald’s branches across Austria will be granted permission to offer consular support to US citizens who are unable to dial the embassy’s phone number.

The Facebook post of today, 15th May 2019, features a photograph of Traina and Kuster shaking hands, American visitors will be able to enter a McDonald's to "report a lost or stolen passport" or simply "to seek travel assistance" from today onwards.

Adding to it, McDonald’s staff will also assist those in “distress” in making “contact with the US embassy for consular services. Facebook users have started commenting on the post like "McVisa" and "McPassport". While others called the move as "awesome", and some seemed less impressed.

Another user wrote, "Lost US passport in Austria? Go to McDonald's for help" Because apparently we are too incompetent to look up the US embassy online??"

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