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Govt. Gears Up To Identify People Taking Benefit of More Than One Welfare Scheme

The agency has deployed field employees across the state to address beneficiary issues and ensure that money is paid on time, said Phal Dessai.

Shivani Meena
Stricter scrutiny on welfare scheme
Stricter scrutiny on welfare scheme

Subhash Phal Dessai, the minister of social welfare, said on Monday that he has asked the department to identify people who are benefiting from more than one government scheme in a family.

"We have to identify them if someone makes use of one government scheme while their spouse takes advantage of another or if they are truly entitled to take advantage of the scheme," he added.

According to Phal Dessai, the agency has deployed field employees across the state to address beneficiary issues and ensure that money is paid on time.

Phal Dessai further stated that the department will investigate whether any privileged person is making use of a scheme while his son is working overseas, denying another person the ability to profit from the scheme.

Those programmes that cannot be implemented, according to the social welfare minister, will be delinked, and new, better ones will be developed so that people can benefit.

Phal Dessai held a conference with the officers of the department. He stated that he would focus his efforts on raising awareness about the programmes and ensuring that they reach every last person in need. According to him, the Dayanand Social Security Scheme has helped over 1.3 lakh individuals.

In terms of the river navigation department, Phal Dessai stated he would focus on keeping the present fleet of ferries while also making a few improvements to generate revenue and make the organization self-sustaining. "We have old ferries". We haven't accepted new technology yet. "I'm looking into methods to bring ferries on routes where traffic congestion occurs," he said.

According to the minister, he has asked the river navigation department to locate an unattended structure that may be used to generate revenue.

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