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HCL Foundation invites proposals for Precision Agriculture; Apply Now!

The proposal aims to increase productivity by providing climate information and alerts to farmers

KJ Staff
Presicion Agriculture (Photo Source: Pixabay)
Presicion Agriculture (Photo Source: Pixabay)

HCL Foundation, under its flagship program, Samuday, is open to receiving proposals for the ‘Implementation of Precision Agriculture through tech-based approach for marginal farmers’ in the Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh. It aims to increase productivity by providing climate information and alerts to farmers as well as introduce precision agriculture and IoT to reduce cultivation costs and production losses.

The objectives of this proposal include:  

  • Developing a user-friendly application/dashboard for farmers' information and crop production estimation.

  • Providing real-time advisory to farmers via smartphones on field crops, soil status, and weather forecasts.

  • Increasing farmers' income through Integrated Nutrient Management and Integrated Pest Management.

  • Delivering real-time solutions/advisory on pest and disease attacks using IoT.

  • Offering image-based solutions for common pests and diseases.

  • Assisting farmers in market linkage by informing them of crop prices.

  • Ensuring availability of digitized IEC material and FAQs.

Scope of Work

The selected partner will work closely with the HCL Foundation, farmers, Panchayati Raj institutions, and other stakeholders. This consists of major deliverables mentioned in the proposal and may expand as per project requirements.

Who Can Apply

  • Not-for-profit organizations with valid 12A & and 80G certificates are preferred.

  • Application is open to Business firms/For-Profit organizations with expertise in the thematic area.

Submission Details and Deadlines

  • Submit proposals (Technical & Financials/Budget) by 08-03-2024.

  • Technical proposal to be submitted to tiwari-r@hcl.com, cc renu.mahato@hcl.com.

  • Financial proposal to be submitted to barua.d@hcl.com.

  • Use the subject line format: HCLF/RFP/Samuday/Agri/Precision/<Name of Organization>.

  • Inquiries should be made before 29-02-2024 via email to tiwari-r@hcl.com and renu.mahato@hcl.com.

  • Late proposals will be rejected.

For further details, click on this link: https://ngobox.org/full_rfp_eoi_RFP-for-Implementation-of-precision-agriculture-through-tech-based-approach-for-marginal-farmers-HCLFoundation_16333

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