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Hike in Milk & Curd Prices: Karnataka Govt. Puts Order on Hold Till Next Meeting

The Chief Minister’s Office has put on hold the order to hike the milk and curd prices by Rs 3, in the state of Karnataka.

Shubhi Singh
Karnataka Chief Minister has put the price hike order on hold.
Karnataka Chief Minister has put the price hike order on hold.

According to the Karnataka Milk Federation, the hike in milk and curd prices will be helpful to the dairy farmers of the state who have been hit by various problems including floods and lumpy skin disease in cattle.

The Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF) had decided to hike the price of the Nandini brand milk and curd by Rs 3.

A statement released from Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai’s office has said that the state has been asked to put on hold the price rise of dairy products like milk and curd. Earlier, the order was supposed to be implemented in the state from November 15 onwards.

The Chief Minister told media that he will hold a meeting with all the stakeholders, which will include senior officers of the Karnataka Milk Federation and presidents of milk cooperative societies of the state. The meeting will be held on November 20 to take a decision on the price hike.

KMF chairperson Balachandra Jarkiholi has said that despite the price increase, Nandini milk would still be less expensive than other brands like Govardhan, Heritage, Arogya, and Tirumala. The price of milk from the Nandini brand is also less expensive than in places like Gujarat Rs 50, Andhra Pradesh Rs 55, Tamil Nadu Rs 40, Kerala Rs 46, Maharashtra Rs 51, and Andhra Pradesh Rs 55.

According to the KMF pricing adjustment, the price of toned milk per litre was raised to 40 from 37, while the price of curd was raised to 48 from 45 before.

Meanwhile, homogenized toned milk would cost 41 rupees, homogenized cow milk 45 rupees, special milk 46 rupees, homogenized standardized milk 47 rupees, Samrudhi milk 51 rupees, Santrupti milk 53 rupees, double toned milk 39 rupees, and Shubham milk 46 rupees.

The Karnataka Milk Federation has told the media that the earnings collected from the hike will be used for farmers’ benefits.

KMF has also stated that the hike was mandatory due to rising costs of feed and fodder, cattle being affected by issues like lumpy skin disease, and adverse climatic conditions among other issues which have been hampering the milk production in the state.

The federation had repeatedly requested the state government since January this year to revise dairy product prices. The KMF members had even passed a resolution during a general body meeting held in September to increase milk prices owing to pressure from all district milk unions.

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