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Himachal Government Increases Subsidy for Solar Rooftop Plant

Himachal Pradesh's state government has suggested increasing the state's subsidy for grid-connected rooftop solar power systems.

Kritika Madhukar
According to the authorities, a 1-3 KW rooftop solar system will cost Rs 50,000 per KW
According to the authorities, a 1-3 KW rooftop solar system will cost Rs 50,000 per KW

HIMURJA (Himachal Pradesh) is motivating the people of Mandi to set up rooftop solar power plants so as to meet the domestic power demand. For this, the Central government and the state government are offering subsidies to people for rooftop solar power plants.

Moreover, to create awareness amongst people about the benefits of solar energy, the Himurja department is conducting awareness camps in the district.

Recently, HIMURJA announced that the subsidy for rooftop solar power plants will be increased from Rs 4,000 to Rs 6,000 per kilowatt. According to the authorities, a 1-3 KW rooftop solar system will cost Rs 50,000 per KW. For a 3-10 KW installation, the cost per KW would be Rs 48,600.

The Central Government also provides subsidies to residential installations, as it has set a modest target of 10 MW for Himachal Pradesh by 2024, which must be met by rooftop solar. According to HIMURJA, "the Centre gives 40% discount on solar panels of 1-3 kW, 20% subsidy on panels of 1-3 kW, and 20% subsidy on panels of 3-10 kw."

Himachal Pradesh's renewable energy contribution is already dominating mainly hydro energy. The state is developing a Swaran Jayanti Energy Policy, with the goal of adding around 10GW of renewable energy by the end of this decade.

While presenting the state budget last month, Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur stated that Himachal Pradesh is now exploring options for underwriting thermal liabilities and exiting PPAs. 

The state is likewise dominated by small hydro producers with run-of-river projects, despite the fact that such projects are producing power at higher rates today.

In Himachal Pradesh, where hydro and geothermal RE dominate, the percentage of solar power is increasing. SJVN was recently invited to create a 400MW solar farm in Upper Kinnaur. 

It is also putting up a DPR for the 800MW Kaza Solar Park in Himachal Pradesh. SJVN has also been awarded a contract to build the first 15MW floating solar power plant in the Bilaspur district's Nangal Pond.

For more details visit - https://himurja.hp.gov.in/how-to-apply-for-installation-of-solar-rooftop-plant/

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