HORTI CHINA 2018 to start on 21st November

HORTI CHINA is a global exhibition that connects Beijing with the worldwide horticulture business of fresh fruits, vegetables, plants and flowers. The exhibition focuses on the fields of protected cultivation, handling and processing equipment and technology, preservation and cold-chain logistics. HORTI CHINA 2018 is a 3-day event that will be held from 21st to 23rd November 2018 at the National Convention & Exhibition Center in Shanghai.

Key highlights:

  • 41 000 visitors

  • 450 exhibitors

  • 27 000 square meters expo space

  • International Pavilions - bigger and stronger than last year (Italy Pavilion - Macfruit Attraction China), Dutch Pavilion, French Pavilion - Supported by SIVAL and VEGEPOLYS, Japan and Taiwan.

  • World Flower Expo Pavilion

With its international scope and communication ideas, the upcoming HORTI CHINA 2018 is committed to accelerating the development of China's fruit, vegetable and flower industry through technology and equipment improvement, talent exploration and community building, branding, as well as facilitating direct trade and purchasing of fresh produce by professional buyers. 

Key products in the event:

  • Organic products like fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, plants.

  • Processing equipment such as sorting, cleaning, waxing, cutting, cooling, drying, evaporation, sterilization etc.

  • Packaging equipment and materials like grading and packing lines, labeling materials, and equipment, flow meters, electronic weighing and coding machines.

  • Storage technology - chain storage and transport systems, atmosphere packaging etc

  • Food safety and quality management - moisture meters, equipment for soil detection and quality control and traceability technologies and systems.

HORTI CHINA intends to help in the development of a sustainable, safe and environmentally friendly supply chain within China's horticulture industry. It creates a connection platform where the top-end, high-tech suppliers as well as producers interact with providers of medium-tech, efficient technology and large volume producers, wholesalers and retailers. The fair also aims to help accelerate the industry’s much-needed progress to higher levels and to stimulate innovation in all links of the chain.  

*Krishi Jagran / Agriculture World is the media partner in HORTI CHINA 2018.

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