How Indian Spice Export is Performing

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Buoyed by surging demand for its quality spices in international markets, India exported 5,57,525 tonnes of spices and spice products valued at Rs.8,850.53 crore during April-September 2017 as against 4,50,700 tonnes worth Rs.8700.15 crores during the corresponding period a year earlier, registering an increase of 24% in volume and 2% in rupee terms.

In dollar terms, India’s exports of spices and spice products during the first half of the current fiscal were pegged at US$1373.97 million as against 1299.96 million dollars during the same period in 2016, notching an increase of 6%.

Spices Board Chairman Dr A. Jayathilak said chilli, cumin, turmeric, cardamom, garlic and mint products have been amongst the most demanded Indian spices, meeting the increasing demand for quality spices in global markets. “Moreover, the Board’s efforts to promote these spices have resulted in an appreciable increase in their exports,” he added.

 “What is satisfying is that India’s exports of spices and spice products have been consistently moving up in the face of volatility in international markets and stringent food safety regulations imposed by countries across the globe,” he noted.

Chilli retained its position as the most demanded spice with exports of 235,000 tonnes amounting to Rs 2,125.90 crores in value, as against 165,022 tonnes in the previous fiscal, registering an increase of 42% in volume.

Chilli was followed by cumin with a total volume of 79,460 tonnes worth Rs.1324.58 crore as against 68,596 tonnes valued at Rs.1104.32 crores during the corresponding period last year, registering an increase of 16% in volume and 20% in value.

Next in line was turmeric with an export volume of 59,000 tonnes having a value of Rs 547.63 crore.

However, the export of mint products, though 11,280 tonnes in volume, was worth Rs. 1317.40 crore in value as against 10,850 tonnes and Rs.1157.45 crore, respectively during the corresponding period of the previous fiscal, registering an increase of 4% in volume and 14% in value.

The export of small cardamom, cumin, garlic, asafetida, tamarind and seeds like ajwain, mustard, dill and poppy registered an increase both in volume and value as compared to April-September 2016. The export of value-added products like curry powder, mint products and spice oils and oleoresins also increased in volume and value during the period.

The export of large cardamom, chilli, ginger, fennel and coriander also showed an increase in terms of volume.

During April-September 2017, a total volume of 2,230 tonnes of small cardamom, valued at Rs.248.71crore, was exported as against 1,624 tonnes worth Rs.138.96 crores during this period last year, registering an increase of 37% in volume and 79% in value.

During April–Sept 2017, a total volume of 27,040 tonnes of garlic was exported, fetching Rs.188.54 crore as against 15,337 tonnes valued at Rs.127.62 crores last year, registering an increase of 76% in volume and 48% in value.

In the case of value-added products, the export of curry powder/paste was 17,030 tonnes worth Rs.348.88 crore as against 14,016 tonnes (Rs.278.40 crores) last year, registering an increase of 22% in volume and 25% in value.

During the period, a total volume of 8,800 tonnes of spice oils and oleoresins valued at Rs. 1332.22 crore was shipped as against 6,617 tonnes worth Rs.1237.06 crores last year - an increase of 33% in volume and 8% in value.

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