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India and Taiwan Forge Landmark Organic Products Agreement

This development is poised to facilitate smoother trade flows and enhance market access for organic producers in both India and Taiwan, marking a significant stride towards sustainable agriculture and international trade cooperation.

KJ Staff
India and Taiwan Forge Landmark Organic Products Agreement (Representational Image Source: Pexels)
India and Taiwan Forge Landmark Organic Products Agreement (Representational Image Source: Pexels)

In a significant move aimed at improving trade ties in the organic sector, India and Taiwan have officially implemented a Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) for organic products. This landmark agreement was formalized during the 9th Working Group on Trade Meeting held in New Delhi, marking a pivotal moment in bilateral trade relations.

The MRA, which comes into effect from today, is the first of its kind between the two nations specifically tailored for organic products. Under this agreement, agricultural products that meet the organic standards of each country will be recognized and allowed for sale in the respective markets without the need for dual certifications.

Key agencies overseeing the implementation of this agreement include the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in India, and the Agriculture and Food Agency (AFA) under the Ministry of Agriculture in Taiwan.

According to the terms of the MRA, Indian organic products certified under the National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP), accompanied by appropriate documentation issued by accredited certification bodies, will be permitted for sale in Taiwan. These products will bear the distinguished "India Organic" logo, signifying their compliance with Indian organic standards.

Similarly, organic products from Taiwan certified under the Organic Agriculture Promotion Act, along with requisite documentation issued by Taiwanese regulatory bodies, will gain access to the Indian market. These products will feature the "Taiwan Organic" logo, ensuring adherence to Taiwanese organic standards.

The mutual recognition mechanism is expected to streamline the export process for a range of Indian organic products, including rice, processed foods, green/black tea, herbal tea, and medicinal plant products, among others, to Taiwan.

By eliminating the need for redundant certifications, the agreement aims to reduce compliance costs, simplify regulatory requirements, and foster greater trade opportunities in the burgeoning organic sector.

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