India confronts fall armyworm invasion

The fall armyworm is planting destruction to cereal crops, mainly maize in India. It is a native of America. The pest which was first found in Karnataka in the early months of this year has spread rapidly as far as West Bengal. It is not indigenous to India, so it enjoys certain advantages in flourishing rapidly and it causes a severe threat to the country's biodiversity, which can negatively impact the economy. 

In the course of migration, usually alien species undergo mass perishing, but some species like fall armyworm survive. Free from the predators in the homeland, they thrive without control. To avoid such situation, the first and only measure is to prevent the entry. In India Directorate of Plant Protection, Quarantine & Storage is the body responsible for it, but it is not functioning effectively. The import of grains and plants should be inspected under the supervision of Quarantine system in the entry points like seaport and airport. The situation calls for a better way to address the issue. A strict legislation regarding the Quarantine system can be a way but it can't also assure a complete solution. Once the field is infected the attack is rapid and causes great loss, and in many cases, pesticides fail to give a permanent solution. 

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