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India Gate Basmati Rice extends existing Health Portfolio, introduces Roasted Flax Seeds & Chia Seeds

India Gate Basmati Rice has launched “Wholesome Health Special Chia Seeds” & “Active Heart Special Roasted Flax Seeds” for the consumers. Both the products are available in the market across omni-channel & augment India Gate’s branded portfolio of healthy foods.

Abha Toppo
India Gate Chia seeds
Roasted Flax Seeds & Chia Seeds by India Gate

India Gate Basmati Rice, country’s first integrated rice brand with a comprehensive product chain and world’s largest rice miller and basmati rice exporter has announced two new additions in the domestic market to its healthy foods branded portfolio i.e. “Wholesome Health Special Chia Seeds” & “Active Heart Special  Roasted Flax Seeds”. Both the products are available in the market across omni-channel & augment India Gate’s branded portfolio of healthy foods. 

With deep understanding of emerging customer tastes and health preferences, the brand has consistently played a role in establishing healthy eating trends through its brand line. People always look for healthy as well as nutritionally superior ingredients that are tasty and healthy. Observing this trend, India Gate is venturing into the ‘Health Food’ segment. Thereby, not just addressed an emerging lifestyle revolution but also offering the best to people by launching “Chia Seeds” and “Roasted Flax Seeds” to expand the branded portfolio of products like India Gate Basmati Brown Rice, India Gate Brown Rice, & Quinoa.  

Ayush Gupta, Business Head (Domestic Sales), India Gate Basmati Rice, said, “We have evolved as a multi-segment player with our entry into the health food segment and introduced a wide range of health food products such as India Gate Basmati Brown Rice, India Gate Brown Rice, Chia seeds, Flax seeds and Quinoa. With the customers broadly recognizing health, hygiene and safety aspects of branded products, more and more consumers are opting for branded rice and other products from established players. The new ‘Health’ product offerings from the house of India Gate not only resonates brand’s philosophy of ‘Ingraining a Healthy Future’ but also helps strengthen its diversified product portfolio and create sustainable business opportunities for the future. The various ‘Health’ product offerings by the brand are strategically positioned to cater to different consumer segments at different geographical locations and across different price points. We aim to continuously offer value and variety to our customers through superior and wide range product portfolio in India and across key export geographies.” 

About Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds is the ultimate super food with the goodness of protein, fiber, minerals, vitamins & essential fatty acids in a single offering; single-handedly, meeting nutritive requirements of all age-groups. Regular consumption has been known to bestow long-lasting benefits, on account of the combined impact of these nutrients. Given its easy supplementation “Chia Seeds” can readily be integrated into every diet and contribute towards a wholesome lifestyle. 

About Roasted Flax Seeds

Roasted Flax Seeds is a nutrient dense, super-seed, with a nutty flavor & delightful crunch. It provides a potent combination of wholesomeness & taste, which can be added to any meal. It is also an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids and PUFA, that helps keep one’s cholesterol level in check. It is regarded by many, as a well-balanced super food, containing all the essential minerals, vitamins and fatty acids. “Roasted Flax Seeds” is yet another healthy offering from India Gate Basmati Rice aimed at promoting healthy living. 

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