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India Rubber Expo 2024: AlRIA Set to Host Industry Event in March

India Rubber Expo 2024 promises to be a remarkable event, bringing together key stakeholders in the rubber industry to foster innovation, collaboration, and growth.

Shivam Dwivedi
India Rubber Expo 2024: All India Rubber Industries Association Set to Host Industry Event in March 2024 (Photo Source: Pexels)
India Rubber Expo 2024: All India Rubber Industries Association Set to Host Industry Event in March 2024 (Photo Source: Pexels)

All India Rubber Industries Association (AIRIA) is set to host the largest rubber trade event in the Asia Pacific region, the India Rubber Expo (IRE) 2024. The expo, now in its 11th edition, will take place over three days starting from March 20 at the Bombay Exhibition Centre in Goregaon.

IRE aims to provide a platform to showcase the latest technological advancements in the rubber industry, foster collaboration among rubber traders, increase exhibitors' participation, and assess the current market status. The event also aims to support the high optimism among rubber traders and entrepreneurs in their pursuit of sustained economic growth.

Over 450 exhibitors from more than 30 countries, including both domestic and international players, are expected to participate in the expo. To promote this grand event, road shows will be conducted across major cities such as Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, and Ahmedabad.

Vishnu Bhimrajka, Chief Convener of IRE 2024, expressed his enthusiasm by stating that rubber, being an essential component in most sectors, possesses immense growth potential in India. He mentioned that a large-scale event like IRE 2024 would provide the ideal platform to explore new innovations, products, and technologies that could contribute to the growth of the rubber industry.

Ramesh Kejriwal, President of AIRIA and Co-Convener of IRE 2024, emphasized the importance of the expo, mentioning that they anticipated the participation of major rubber traders from Asia, as seen in previous years. He also pointed out that new participants could take advantage of this opportunity to grow their networks, promote their brands, and engage in discussions with experienced industry members. In conclusion, the primary goal of IRE was stated as fostering collaboration and collective efforts to accomplish ambitious objectives.

Apart from showcasing new products, programs, and technologies to the right audience, the expo will also serve as a platform to discuss government policies pertaining to the rubber sector. Attendees will have the chance to network with industry leaders, prospective partners, key decision makers, and current clients. Additionally, they can attend seminars, conferences, and workshops conducted by experts in the field.

The rubber industry in India has a turnover of approximately Rs 12,000 crore and is poised for rapid growth due to its diverse applications in various sectors such as automobile, railways, defense, energy and infrastructure, mining, transport, agriculture and food products, textiles, paper and printing, construction, machinery and equipment, and healthcare.

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