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India Seeks Duty-Free Access from UAE For Spices, Eggs & Textiles

India has sought duty-free market access for its spices, eggs, cheese and textiles in the UAE as part of the free-trade agreement it is negotiating with the grouping.

Ayushi Raina
Duty-Free Access from UAE For Spices, Eggs & Textiles
Duty-Free Access from UAE For Spices, Eggs & Textiles

As part of the free-trade agreement it is negotiating with the grouping, India has sought duty-free market access for its spices, eggs, cheese, and textiles in the UAE. 

Due to concerns about bird flu, the UAE has now banned poultry imports from India, while India's textile exports are subject to a 5% duty. 

"We are desperate to sell poultry products to the UAE and are hopeful that they will allow imports from India, beginning with eggs because eggs are a big market there," said an official, adding that India has assured that it is adhering to the World Organization for Animal Health's biosafety standards to prevent infection. 

According to the official, the UAE is eager to obtain duty exemptions for dates, confectionary, and sugar-based products. 

India is keen to get duty-free access for its fresh and frozen bovine meat, dairy, spices, organic chemicals, and paper goods. It has listed 1,100 odd products, including washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, spices, tobacco, cotton fabrics, textiles, and leather, whose exports it wants to expand under the pact. 

"Politically, this deal is significant since Pakistan has urged the UAE not to sign any pact with India, but the UAE has disregarded it," said a trade expert, adding that India stands to benefit in services and might push for long-term business visas with the UAE. 

Under FTAs, India ALSO seeks duty-free market access for leather goods: 

Last month, India seeks duty free market access for its leather goods in countries, including UAE, UK and Australia, with which it is negotiating Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) to boost manufacturing and exports, Commerce and Industry 

Member countries of GCC are Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates (UAE). 

"We are trying to get market access duty free for our leather industry and that is one of our prime asks when we are talking to the UAE, UK and Australia... I do hope that Israel can also open their doors for our leather products. 

"All of these countries we are looking at, and talking to them for better market access and better opportunities for your sector," Goyal said at the National Export Excellence Awards function. 

The minister asked the industry to work on scale and quality to make India a major hub for global brands. 

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