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India's Second Agricultural Institute is Set up by Modi Government

Radha Mohan Singh, Union Agriculture Minister while inaugurating the Indian Agriculture Research Institutes (IARI) Administrative Block at Gouriakarma, near Hazaribagh town alleged that the previous UPA government ignored the recommendations of the Swaminathan Commission for setting up of a second IARI.

Tooba Maher

Radha Mohan Singh, Union Agriculture Minister while inaugurating the Indian Agriculture Research Institutes (IARI) Administrative Block at Gouriakarma, near Hazaribagh town alleged that the previous UPA government ignored the recommendations of the Swaminathan Commission for setting up of a second IARI. 

The Agriculture Minister said, "When the Narendra Modi government came to power it paid immediate attention to the recommendations of the famous agricultural scientists recommendations and without further delay sanctioned the setting up of the country's second IARI after New Delhi." 

Mr Singh also said that PM Modi believed in performance and not announcements. Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone of the second IARI in June 2015. The IARI project will change the fortunes of young agriculturists and scientists as they will receive improved quality teachings and research in agriculture science. 

The Union minister added that the functioning of this Rs. 200 crore institute in the remote area of Hazaribagh will bring an agricultural revolution in the entire eastern India and Uttar Pradesh. It will have great potential for agricultural development and will boost the economy of farmers. 

Through this, every year 159 scientists in agriculture will receive training of improved technology and 90 teachers will be appointed. The institute will also have three faculties including agriculture, animal husbandry and research. 

According to Jayant Sinha, Union Minister of State for Civil Aviation and Hazaribagh leader, the projects undertaken by the Centre and state governments have helped Hazaribagh and Ramgarh districts get all round development. 

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