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Kamala's Nagamani is Pramod's Laxmi, How can the issue be solved? Police is in Trouble

Ajith Kumar V R
Ajith Kumar V R

The incident took place in Koraput town of Odisha. Nagamani of Kamala Mudli, a resident of Ashok Nagar, went missing. Nagamani is Kamala's favorite cow. She recently provided artificial insemination and anxiously waiting for the result. Normally,it goes for grassing and will be back at night. Kamala said ," A few days back,it went missing". She claimed that she saw Nagamani was standing in the house of Pramod Rout in Upper Sahi.She complained in the Soraput town police station.Police called Pramod. He said, "The cow  is mine and her name is  Lakshmi". Kamala and Pramod got into an argument. Finally, police officer Shiba Prasad Majhi came to a decision.

Bring the cow to the police station, he ordered. When it reached the station, police released her and said,Where it goes is the owner's home. Both the owners agreed. But the cow  was not ready to leave the compound. That's when Pramod said, if I call her name she will come to me sir. Shiba felt relieved. But the problem did not end there. Pramod called her Lakshmi and she approached him. Then,Kamala called herNagaman, she walked over to her mistress.

Thinking about what to do next, Kamala said to the officer, "Let's call the doctor who recently inseminated the cow." Pramod also agreed. He, too, had recently brought in a doctor. Both of them called the doctor. Two doctors from two hospitals arrived. Both admitted to inseminating the cow. It's just that the cow is the same. Eventually, after receiving the complaint of Kamala and Pramod, the police officer registered  cases and put the cow in the barn of a third party. The locals are now in a heated debate over what kind of experiment should be done to find the real owner!!

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