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Keep Your Vegetables and Fruits Safe with ‘Solar Insect Trap’

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

Insects are annoying especially when they fly around fruits and flowers in farm houses. Now farmers need not have to worry about these insects as there is a device that can solve their problem.

Sickle Innovations Private Limited of the Hectare Innovative Farming Solutions informed the Krishi Jagran about the new Solar Insect Trap. Mr. Bhanu Sharma, Assistant Sales Manager of Sickle Innovations presented this new Solar Insect Trap during the Atal Innovation Programme organized by the Food Processing Ministry and the Agriculture Ministry in the grounds of the EMPI, Chattarpur, New Delhi.

It is important to trap the fly insect by a wave in long distance, and trap by light in short distance then kill them by high-voltage electrocuted networks outside around which is safe to a human being as it has small current. In view of biological nature of pest on light, wave, color attraction, the design is such that the special light source whose wavelength is 390nm-600nm. It costs Rs.6500/- only.

How it works

The insect drop into the collection Tray. It work on the solar power. To trap the fly insect by a wave in long distance and also to trap by light in short distance to kill the insect through the high voltage electrocuted networks, which is safe for the human beings  because the current is very less and small for the human.

The specialty of the device is that it attracts the pests which causes harm to the crop. While preparing the solar insect trap, the behavior of the insects has been kept in mind. The stem borer, white fly and pink bollworm, which are common and main insects to be kept always away from the crops. In view of the crop protection of orchards, vegetable farms, and in the area of forestry and aquaculture also with animal husbandry and livestock etc.

To keep the insects which are harmful for the  agricultural crops, farm houses with vegetable gardening, tea plantations, coffee plantations, rice fields etc. The solar insect trap is useful for the orchards and fields where the electricity is not available but the sun can be utilized for the solar energy.

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