Kharif sowing increased due to monsoon

Sowing of kharif crops in the country so far is 9 per cent higher.. According to the Agriculture Department data, till July 7, the kharif crops  country has sown in 404 lakh hectares. Paddy cultivation has been done in about 80 lakh hectares. By this time till last year sowing was done in 75 lakh hectares. At the same time, the sowing of pulses has been 23 percent ahead of last year.

Despite the impact of the earnings in the pulses, it has been sown in 44 lakh hectares of land. While the oilseeds in which there was a possibility of sowing, sowing of it is 4.5% ahead of last year. So far soybean has been sown in 53 lakh hectares and groundnut in 16 lakh hectares. However, sowing of kharif peanuts is far behind one lakh hectares.

Cotton cultivation has reached about 72 lakh hectares So far, 6% more than last year. Besides, sowing of coarse grains is above 80 lakh hectares, the sowing of sugarcane has increased by 3 lakh hectares to 48 lakh hectares. The sowing by the monsoon's better moves has caught the speed. According to the Meteorological Department, the country has received 228.5 mm rainfall so far, which is 2 percent more than usual. The Meteorological Department is likely to get normal monsoon this year.

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