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Kisan Credit Card Loan:- Check Eligibility, Features, Documents Required & Method to Apply

Kisan Credit Card or KCC is an initiative by the Indian Government to ensure that farmers of the country have access to credit at a reasonable rate.

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Kisan Credit Card
Kisan Credit Card

Kisan Credit Card or KCC is an initiative by the Indian Government to make sure that farmers of the country have access to credit at a reasonable rate. This scheme was introduced in August 1998 and was based on the recommendations of a special committee formed for inputs on loans & agricultural welfare. KCC Loan provides term loans to the farmers for covering cost of farming, harvest & farm maintenance.

Types of Agricultural Loans:

There are various banks in India that offers loans to farmers in order to help them meet their financial needs.

  • Crop loans

  • Farm operating loans

  • Farm ownership loans

  • Produce marketing loan

  • Farm storage facilities & warehousing loan

  • Agri-Business

  • Dairy Plus Scheme

  • Broiler Plus Scheme

  • Horticulture finance

  • Loan against warehouse receipts

  • Minor irrigation scheme

  • Land Purchase Scheme

What is the Eligibility for Kisan Credit Card Loan?

Anyone who is engaged in agriculture, allied activities or non-farming activities can avail Kisan credit card loan. Below we have mentioned complete details about the eligibility criteria, essential documents etc for Kisan Credit Card loan:

  • Minimum Age - 18 years

  • Maximum Age - 75 years

  • If a borrower is a senior citizen (age above 60 years) then a co-borrower is compulsory where the co-borrower must be a legal heir.

  • All the farmers – individuals or joint cultivators

  • SHGs / joint liability groups including tenant farmers

  • Tenant farmers, oral lessees & share croppers.

What Documents are Required for KCC Loan?

An individual will have to submit the following documents while filling the application:

  • Properly filled in application form

  • Identity proof like Voter ID card or PAN card or Passport or Aadhaar card or Driving License, etc.

  • Address proof like Voter ID card or Passport or Aadhaar card or Driving License, etc.

  • Land holding documents                                                                             

How to Apply for Kisan Credit Card (KCC) Loan

Applying for Kisan Credit Card loan is not at all a difficult task. Nowadays banks have made provisions to allow for online and offline application process. If you want to apply online then follow the steps given below:

  • Go to the Kisan Credit Card section on a bank’s official website

  • Tap “Apply Now” button

  • Fill in all your details & make sure there is no error

  • Then click the submit button to apply online

  • The application processing time is of 3 - 4 working days

  • If the application is approved, an executive will contact you and explain about the documents needed and where to visit for further steps.

If you want to apply offline then you will have to visit the nearest bank’s branch & apply for the Kisan credit card loan. Do not forget to carry all relevant documents with you at the time of registration.

By mentioning your mobile number in the application form, you will receive status updates one by one till your loan gets approved.

What are the Features of Kisan Credit Card Loan

  • All farmers are eligible for the Kisan Credit Card loan. This will include farmers who have their own land, tenant farmers, share croppers & lessees.

  • National Crop Insurance Scheme covers the crops eligible for Kisan Credit Card. The scheme provides some protection to farmers in poor crop season.

  • The biggest benefit of this scheme is the simplicity of credit process.

  • Less paperwork and documentation is involved.

  • Provides lots of flexibility in repayment tenure of Kisan Credit Card Loan. Also there is possibility of extending repayment period in case of a bad crop turnout because of natural calamities. Cultivators are also offered subvention for timely & prompt repayments.

  • It ensures guaranteed availability of financial resources at reasonable interest rates.

  • It gives insurance coverage (personal accident & asset) for recipient of Kisan Credit Cards.

  • It offers facility to withdraw cash as per farmer’s requirements.

The credit card that farmers get under this scheme is usable as plastic money & also for cash withdrawal. Farmers also get a passbook that contains all the relevant details like name, address, details of landholding, credit limit etc.

Kisan Credit Card is offered by many public sector banks, co-operative banks and rural banks in India. Some of them are:

Banks & Institutions that offer Kisan Credit Cards:

  • State Bank of India (SBI)

  • Bank of India (BOI)


  • Axis Bank

  • National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI)

  • Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI)

Insurance under KCC Scheme:

The Kisan Credit Card also provides personal accident insurance that farmers can opt for. Under the insurance, they will get coverage of up to Rs.50,000 in the event of death while Rs.25,000 in the event of an accident resulting in disability. The premiums payable will be decided by the bank in association with the insurance provider.

This coverage is optional hence farmers who choose to opt for it have to meet the eligibility criteria as ascertained by the bank as well as insurance provider.

About RuPay KCC:

RuPay is an Indian domestic card scheme launched by National Payments Corporation of India or NPCI. It was launched to fulfill the RBI's desire to have a domestic, open loop & multilateral system of payments in India. RuPay facilitates electronic payment at all banks & financial institutions in India.

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