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International Women's Day 2022: Krishi Jagran To Host Exclusive Webinars on 8th March

Krishi Jagran strives for the Agri community of Our country. This time Krishi Jagran is focusing on the unsung heroes of Indian Agriculture by giving it a boost on the occasion of Internation women's day by organizing three exclusive webinars and 10 other live sessions from regional languages.

Shivani Meena
Women Farmers: The Unsung Hero's of Indian Agriculture
Women Farmers: The Unsung Hero's of Indian Agriculture

The vision of socio-economic empowerment for women would not be achieved unless those living on the outskirts are empowered as well. These are the Agriwomen of India, whose voices frequently go unheard due to their gender, and who struggle to define their individuality at the grassroots level due to patriarchal traditions and gender socialization.

Agriculture employs 80 percent of all economically active women in India; they make up 33% of the agriculture labor force and 48% of self-employed farmers. Women in the agriculture sector of India do the majority of extensive farming activities, from sowing to harvesting, although they have lesser access to resources than their male counterparts. 

Agriculture comprises 17.5 percent of the GDP of a developing country like India. Women have begun to dominate agriculture and its value chain at all levels. The participation of Women in rural labor markets varies greatly by region, although women are disproportionately represented in unpaid, seasonal, and part-time work. Hence, there is an intense need to celebrate this International day of women with the key focus to empower rural women for their contribution to the Agriculture sector.  

Women have enormous potential to transform agriculture as we know it, but how can we ensure that they are empowered? 

In the above context, Krishi Jagran is organizing three exclusive webinars on the occasion of International Women’s Day, 8th March 2022. In Addition to that, there will be 10 Webinars in regional languages (Malayalam, Odia, Bengali, Assamese etc.) and 1 webinar with the women power of Krishi Jagran emphasizing the need for women's empowerment as well as the role of women in Indian Agriculture. 

List of Exclusive Webinars, Timings, and Participants: 

  1. "Role of Women in Agriculture" - 11:00 AM – Women Farmers and Farming community

  2. "Agriwoman Economic & Social Change — the Future of Womenomics" -2:00PM – Male dignitaries will give their perspective on the above topic

  3. "Agriwoman Economic & Social Change — the Future of Womenomics"-4:00 PM - Women dignitaries will give their perspective on the above topic

Other Webinars/Live Session: 

  • “Role of Women In Agriculture”- 9:00 AM Onwards-10 Regional Languages

  • “Experience in Working at KJ & What is the future For Women in Agriculture”- 9:00 AM- KJ Women

 If there was ever a time to empower women farmers, it is now. 

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