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Latest Business Ideas: Do This Business to Earn Rs 2 Lakh in a month

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher
Cold Drinks Business
Cold Drinks Business

Cold drinks Business: As we all know that cold drinks are preferred all over the country even in abroad. We all love it be it a child or old age people. Thus, the demand of cold drinks is increasing day by day. In such a situation, starting cold drinks business is a good idea. Interestingly, you can start cold drinks business from home without opening a shop. But, if you want to start on a large scale, then you must have a shop.

Cold drink business: Market demand

Cold drinks are often used in almost all occasions be it weddings, parties, & other functions. There is huge demand of it. Besides this, people prefer keeping cold drinks at home for coolness during summers. Therefore, its demand remains good in the market. Starting this business can be a profitable idea for you.

How to start a cold drink business?

To start this business, first make a business plan which includes raw materials you will require for drinks, where to get it, where to get its machinery, right location. Then, comes the costing part which includes how much will it cost, how much profit can you make, which license will be required, packing, marketing etc.

To make a cold drink, first you have to make its syrup. You will first need sugar for this. Take sugar in a bucket. Now, add premix powder with different flavors. Add the premix powder of whatever flavor you want from orange, lemon, black sour, water cumin.

Then, add water little by little and mix it well with the help of a mixer, it will become your syrup. Filter it so that there is no waste in it.

Cold drink business: Raw material required

Raw materials for cold drinks will be easily available in the market at a cheaper price this include the following list -

  1. Sugar - 6 kg

  2. Premix (to taste) - 1 packet

  3. Water - 6 litres

  4. Soda

  5. Bottle for packing

Cold drink business: Machinery Required

For making cold drinks you will need 2 type of machines. A mixer that will be used to mix your cold drink syrup while making it. The other is the bottle sealing packing machine. This machine is a fully automatic machine. In this, both the filling of the product in the bottle and its seal packing are used. You should also keep a freezer to avoid chances of cold drink going bad.

Where to buy -

You can get a mixer for Rs 40,000 to 50,000 and packing machine for Rs 3 and a half lakh. You can contact its distributor to buy it and will have to meet all the distributors around your place, and get information from them. You can also buy machine online from online websites like India Mart etc. You will also find these machines at the right rate there too.

Packaging Process of cold drinks -

Attach a syrup jar with an automatic packing machine and add soda to this machine. Now, put the bottle in which you want to pack a cold drink. This machine also cleans the bottle very well. First put soda in it, after that add different flavored syrup to it. Then put the lid of the bottle in the seal packing block, and seal it by bottling it.

After packing your bottle, label your brand. Keep it in the freezer now, so that it is fresh and does not go bad.

Cold drinks business: Permits and licenses required

You should get a permit from your local authorities, as you have to install a machine in it. Legally it is necessary and important. Adding to it, your product is a food item, for this you have to take FSSAI license. You must also register to get GST number.

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