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Maharashtra to Introduce ‘Agriculture’ as Subject in School Syllabus

Shikha Parewa
Shikha Parewa

The government of Maharashtra is soon going to introduce agriculture as a subject in school curriculum. The state government has asked Maharashtra state council for education research and training institute (MSCERT) and Maharashtra council of agriculture, education and research (MCAER) together to design the curriculum. 

On Wednesday, the joint meeting of the agriculture and school education department took this decision in presence of ministers Varsha Gaikwad and Dadaji Bhuse respectively, and senior bureaucrats.  

Bhuse said that this initiative of inclusion of agriculture in the school curriculum would develop an interest in students for agricultural sector. Along with that it would also create agricultural commitment in rural area while creating social commitment towards the farming community. 

Gaikwad said that the education and agriculture departments will jointly design the syllabus. She said, “We have instructed both the departments to prepare the syllabus keeping in view the age and intelligence of the student”. 

Significance of Agricultural Education: 

Students of school should have knowledge that how things grow, live and die. Through this subject they would be able to learn all from flower to potatoes, from cows and pigs to tractors and soil, making them aware of farming and gardening would give them knowledge that how food gets onto their tables, clothes get onto store shelves and seeds germinate. 

By teaching agriculture in school, students would be able to understand basic scientific procedures and would learn how to apply these lessons to daily life. They would be able to know that how tree grow and make fruit or nut, and how corn can be made into oil etc. 

The decision of Maharashtra government to introduce agricultural subject in the syllabus of school would help children to have a view of their lives and the world around them. 

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