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Meet the 10 Greatest Contributors in the Field of Agriculture in Kerala

Priyanka Menon
Priyanka Menon
kerala farmers

Krishi Jagran is proud to present to you, "A talk with the Kerala State Best Farmer Awardees". The event is coming on February 1st at 3pm with the winners of the State Agricultural Award 2020 in 10 individual categories will come to share their success stories and experience in farming with you.

The Malayalam edition of Krishi Jagran was launched on September 25, 2016. Krishi Jagran has been able to make a significant contribution to the agriculture of Kerala in a short span of time. Krishi Jagran has already started a significant change in the field of agriculture by setting up Kisan Clubs and organizing seminars along with imparting reading experience to the farmers of Kerala. The Krishi Jagran portal was started after realizing the difficulty of sharing farm information only through magazines. Millions of farmers who love agriculture are the regular visitors of our portal today. Krishi Jagran has been influential on all social media including Facebook, WhatsApp and YouTube etc. Our innovative programs such as Farmer the Brand and Farmer First become famous among farmers in Kerala. 'Farmer the Brand' is an event where farmers bring their brand products to the mainstream of society.

Farmer First is an event that has become the voice of farmers. The objectives of this program are to bring the problems of the farmers to the notice of the authorities and to find solutions to their problems. In addition, many personalities in the field of art, politics and culture have come to the Krishi Jagran stage in this short span of time. Our latest venture that can be added to this is the " A talk with the Kerala State Best Farmer Awardees". Let us know the ten greatest contributors in the field of agriculture participating in this event.

PB Aneesh, a farmer who is the recipient of the Sibi Kallingal Memorial Karshakothama Award for the best farmer of the State Government. Aneesh's goal now is to get the maximum return per acre by 2030.

The recipient of Karshaka Tilak Award for Best Farmer Woman 2020 is Swapna. Swapna was taking over his husband’s farming dreams after the accidental death of Sibi Kallingal, who loved farming for life. Sibi Kallingal is the winner of the 2017 State Agriculture Award. The Sibi Kallingal Memorial Karshakothama Award for Best Farmer is given in his honor.

O. V. Johnson, a traditional paddy farmer who combines farming and teaching, won the Best Organic Farmer award this year for cultivating 28 varieties of traditional paddy on a two - acre leased land.

This is a proud achievement for Pastor Jacob Joseph of Eraviperur Gilgal Relief Home. He has been active in the field of agriculture for 16 years and this time he has been selected for the Harithamitra Award for Best Vegetable Farmer. Today he cultivates about 25 acres.

Sheeja received ‘Udyanashreshta Award’ for the best gardener in kerala. There are about 200 different species of plants worth Rs 30 to Rs 10,000 in 15 places in Sheeja.

Anil Kumar who holds a number of professional degrees’, postgraduate degree in Physics, a postgraduate degree in Political Science, a degree in Library Science and a B.Ed. . Now Anil Kumar, a mixed farmer received Karshakajyothi award from Kerala State.

The state government award for young farmers has been given to Srividya M, a housewife who loves farming for life. Srividya's farm is a small green world with 40 varieties of fruits and vegetables, 1,700 fish, 70 hens, a cow and a calf.

Sulfath Moideen, who has been active in terrace farming for 24 years, is the recipient of the state government's award for best terrace farmer. So far, Sulfath has won 38 agricultural awards. The housewife has set up various farms on the terrace and one and a half acres of land around the backyard.

Shiva Ganesh, who has adopted progressive farming methods, is the recipient of the Best Coconut Award this time around.

Shameer Nedumangad is the recipient of the award for Best Hi-Tech Farmer. Shamir is a man who has come up with innovative ideas and innovations and implemented successful high-tech farming methods. He markets his products through the Department of Agriculture's eco-shops and agricultural markets.

These ten farmer geniuses who shine in the field of agriculture come to you with their farming skills to be live on Krishi Jagran on Monday, 1st February 2021.

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