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Millet Cutlery and Sericulture Cocoon Products Showcased at Krishi Mela 2023 in Bengaluru

Krishi Mela showcased inventive millet cutlery, silk crafts, and eco-friendly biochar, while farmer Ratnamma A.V. earned accolades for integrated farming practices.

Shivangi Rai
Meanwhile, students from the Sericulture Department showcased specially crafted products using cocoons. (Image Courtesy- Twitter)
Meanwhile, students from the Sericulture Department showcased specially crafted products using cocoons. (Image Courtesy- Twitter)

The Krishi Mela at Gandhi Vijnana Krishi Kendra (GKVK) showcased a range of innovative products this year, with a notable focus on millet-based items in light of the International Year of Millets.

Among the standout creations were edible cutlery products made from little millets, including spoons, bowls, and forks. Students from the spearheaded this initiative.

Bhavana, a student involved in the project, expressed enthusiasm about their millet cutlery innovation. In addition to this, the team introduced other products like University of Agriculture Sciences' Department of Food Sciences and Nutrition maize pellets and basil pasta, demonstrating their commitment to diversifying food offerings.

Meanwhile, students from the Sericulture Department showcased specially crafted products using cocoons. These included garlands, earrings, vases, and sticks for holding individual flowers. The process involved cooking the cocoon using a spinning wheel to obtain silk, showcasing the intersection of traditional craftsmanship and modern creativity.

The Forest and Environmental Department, led by Assistant Professor Rinku Varma, introduced a method for creating biochar. This eco-friendly material is produced from waste products like mulberry or straw waste through pyrolysis, a process that mitigates air pollution by eliminating open burning.

The biochar, when used in conjunction with organic products like farmyard manure and vermicompost, enhances soil quality by promoting carbon sequestration and water-nutrient retention. Ms. Varma emphasized the department's dual goal of aiding farmers in achieving better yields while fostering entrepreneurial endeavours.

The second day of Krishi Mela 2023 witnessed the distribution of awards, including the Chamarajanagar and Mysore District-Level Progressive Farmer and Farmer Woman Award, as well as the Chamarajanagar and Mysore Districts Taluk-Level Best Young Farmer Awards.

Ratnamma A.V., a recipient of the Farmer Woman Award, stood out as a progressive farmer engaged in integrated farming, with a focus on millet cultivation. She operates her own cereal processing unit, producing grain products and various pickles, both of which find a market in villages and urban areas like Bengaluru. She actively participated in Krishi Mela, showcasing and selling her products. She also adopted chemical methods for integrated pest and disease management, incorporating biological pesticides such as neem oil.

Krishi Mela 2023 proved to be a significant event with the participation of 5.48 lakh farmers and a substantial turnover of approximately 1.38 crore people.

Additionally, 9,620 individuals enjoyed meals at the UAS canteen during the event, underscoring the broad impact and success of the agricultural exhibition.

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