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#Monsoon2020: Crop Protection Advisories for Apple Trees

In Himachal Pradesh, the livelihood of majority of people depend on agricultural activities. Apple industry of the state constitutes of around INR 4,000 crore. Recently a micrograph from plant health clinic, Rohru clearly established the incidence of Venturia inaequalis (Scab). The similar messages were also received from Kotkhai, Narkanda, Kinnaur, Ani and Nirmand areas.

Hitul Awasthi

In Himachal Pradesh, the livelihood of majority of people depend on agricultural activities. Apple industry of the state constitutes of around INR 4,000 crore.  

Recently a micrograph from plant health clinic, Rohru clearly established the incidence of Venturia inaequalis (Scab). The similar messages were also received from Kotkhai, Narkanda, Kinnaur, Ani and Nirmand areas. 

This could be attributed to the high humidity due to ongoing frequent rains. Therefore, the farmers are advised to execute a curative/ protective spray as given below: 

Phenological Stage of apple 

Fungicide recommended 

Quantity/200L Water 

Fruit Development (Walnut Stage)/ June month 

Mancozeb or 


Propineb or 


Dodine or 


Metiram + Pyraclostrobin 5%WG 


Tebuconazole 8% + Captan 32% SC or 


Fluxayoxad 500SC 250g/l + Pyraclostrobin 250 g/l 

20 ml 

Source: http://www.yspuniversity.ac.in/univ-orders/dr518.pdf 

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