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Monthly Mahotsav of FarmerTheBrand Campaign, a Krishi Jagran Initiative

#FarmerTheBrand campaign is an initiative by Krishi Jagran under which progressive farmers across the country are being given the opportunity to showcase their products and thereby their Brands.

Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan

#FarmerTheBrand campaign is an initiative by Krishi Jagran under which progressive farmers across the country are being given the opportunity to showcase their products and thereby their Brands. On 5 of September as we celebrate Krishi Jagran foundation day we also had the opportunity of Interacting with selected Ten FTB Farmers Nationally. They shared their knowledge and spoke to us regarding the importance of creating Farmer Brands and how effectively marketing and value addition needs to be taken up by our country farmers.

The first in line to speak was Padma Shri Bharat Bhushan Tyagi, from UP. He is well-known for his organic farming techniques and the Brand Swadesh. He explained about the importance of organic certification, the importance of value addition and processing which will increase farmers profits. He also took up this opportunity and requested farmers to work in collectives and emphasised the importance of FPOs.  Avinash Singh who owns Tarkari Naturals, Madhya Pradesh does organic farming and he reiterated the importance of digital platform to sell it to distant places, the importance of Organic certification and an identifying name to the Brand. Manjula and Partiban owner of the Brand Manjari Honey, Tamilnadu shared their self-love of honey and their honey business. Partiban explained the importance of Value Added products in his business.


Devesh Patel, from Gujarat, founder of Satva Organic, emphasised on the importance of innovative technology, grading, sorting, packing, scientific farming techniques like Drip irrigation, Green House and Poly House for higher benefits. Value addition and marketing of crops should be met with seriousness says Devesh. He also spoke about how farmers need to save with  digital platforms to make their products available internationally. Ensuring ways to achieve maximum productivity, premium quality,  package and branding also needs to be emphasised says Devesh Patel. Suhas Patil from Maharashtra who owns the brand  Gopal Nandan reiterated on the importance of value addition and the need for premium quality. Preetha Prathap from Kerala inspired by reiterating the importance of using creativity and the importance of value adding  through even reusable and recyclable materials.

Navnath Malhari Kapsate from Maharashtra has been successfully marketing and selling his farm produce through his brands and he emphasised the importance of having varieties that could maximise productivity. Jagdeesh Reddy is a well known Natural farmer from Andhra Pradesh with his brand - Jagdeesh Natural Farming and explained the importance of  Natural products prepared without any chemicals and zero expenses and focussing on premium quality. He also emphasised value addition which actually will help the farmer double his income. Digital platforms should be encouraged to use says Jagdeesh Reddy. Manjeet Singh Saluja from Chhattisgarh markets and sells his produce through his own brand - Saluja Unique Vegetable Store. He spoke about how important is to create ones own brand and maintain individuality and quality in products.

The founder of the brand - Him Apple, Rai Navneet Shankar Sood is a former director of APMC - Kullu, and Lahaul-Spiti. He spoke about being highly inspired by modern e-commerce platforms, Navneet Shankar has been successfully marketing and selling a wide variety of apples right at the door-steps of thousands of customers. He emphasised on quality produce and commitment.

It was an amazing experience to listen to these farmers especially today being Teachers Day, they have all taken up the role of teachers in educating all our country's farmers. Let this Krishi Jagran Initiative FTB spread its roots and become a focal point for our Indian farmers.

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