Myanmar’s delegate learns organic farming from Suminter India Organics

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher

More attention is being given to adopt the methods of organic farming. Not only Indians but people from abroad are also interested in this method of farming. That's why MaungMaung Tin, who is an industrialist, businessman, and farmer from Myanmar, came to India this week, and visited the "Organic Model Farms" developed by Suminter India Organics located in Akola and Wai (Satara) of Maharashtra. During this time a program was organized where Tin interacted directly with the farmers. Tin saw crops like sugarcane, vegetable, turmeric etc. being cultivated with organic methods. After this he said that his aim is to produce turmeric and ginger in Myanmar in organic way. Tin has tried to understand the turmeric's organic crop system and its working in detail from farmers and learnt how it is beneficial. Tin also learnt about the machines used in boiling, drying and polishing along with the turmeric crop.

Tin learnt about turmeric cultivation

MaungMaung Tin, representative from Myanmar, was given information about turmeric cultivation by the farmers. They told Tin that the inputs required for the turmeric cultivation are preparedon farm and nothing was purchased from the market. Tin was surprised to hear this and expressed his willingness to know all the information about turmeric cultivation in detail. The senior manager of the company Sanjay Shrivastava, explained that in this interpolation, there has been no use of any external input( use only On-Farm Input ) for the crop, the farmer himself has prepared goodcowdungmanure/ compost with the help of Wastedecomposer,Ghana Jivamrit, Jivamrit&Wastedecomposer solution .

The Company   senior manager toldto  Tin that the turmeric seeds have been treated with bio-fungicide (Trichoderma) before sowingand the bacterial culture (biofertilizer) has been used for nitrogen, phosphorus, potash and zinc. During this time, he also showed the material used in  On Farm Input and practically demonstrated the method for making it.

Myanmar’s delegate welcomed by Indian customs

MaungMaung Tin, who came to know about Indian organic farming from Myanmar, was welcomed as a guest, with the arti and saffa (turban) was worn according to the Maharashtrian culture.

Myanmar’s delegate appreciated the company

MaungMaung Tin, who came from Myanmar, praised the guidance given by the Suminter India Organic to the farmers in the direction of organic farming and ‘Organic Model Farm’ and thanked farmers and Suminter India. With this, Sanjay Srivastava thanked the visiting foreign guest and local farmers on behalf of Suminter India Organics at the end of the program.

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