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Nauni Varsity Hosts Training Program for Nepalese Farmers and Agri-Officials

Nauni Varsity is making efforts to promote agricultural excellence and regional cooperation between India and Nepal through sustainable farming practices.

Shivam Dwivedi
Nauni Varsity Hosts Training Program for Nepalese Farmers and Agri-Officials
Nauni Varsity Hosts Training Program for Nepalese Farmers and Agri-Officials

A delegation of 30 farmers and representatives from the agriculture department has gathered at the Dr. YS Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry in Nauni to strengthen agricultural capacities in Nepal. The 10-day training program, titled 'Capacity Building of Public and Private Stakeholders for Organic Highland Apple and Walnut Farming in the Karnali Region of Nepal,' marks a significant collaboration between the External Affairs Ministries of India and Nepal.

The initiative, backed by the Ministry of External Affairs, Northern Division, Nepal Section, New Delhi, and in partnership with the Federal and Provincial Agriculture Ministry of Nepal, aims to enhance the skills of Nepalese agriculture officials and farmers. Specifically, the focus lies on organic cultivation methods for Apple, Walnut, and Kiwi.

Inaugural Session Highlights

During the inaugural session, Director of Research Dr. Sanjeev Chauhan underscored the longstanding collaboration between India and Nepal, highlighting the cultural, social, and geographical parallels between the two regions. Dr. Chauhan expressed the university's pride in being chosen to showcase its technological expertise and contribute to the skill development of Nepalese farmers and agriculture officers. He also emphasized Himachal's advancements in Natural Farming and the university's pivotal role as a training hub for officials in this domain.

Dhan Bahadur Kathayat, Agriculture Extension Officer from the Ministry of Land Management, Agriculture and Cooperative, Government of Karnali Province, Nepal, provided valuable insights into Nepal's agriculture and horticulture landscape. He shed light on organic practices in the Karnali region, where agricultural produce is branded as 'Mulyawaan,' aiming to carve a distinct market presence and secure better prices for farmers.

Dr. Rajesh Kaushal, Joint Director of Research, highlighted that this batch of trainees marks the beginning of a collaborative effort that will see the university enhancing the skills of approximately 300 participants from Nepal. The training curriculum includes hands-on experience in fruit and vegetable cultivation, with a special focus on apple, walnut, and kiwi. Additionally, participants will gain insights into organic and natural farming methodologies, alongside biocontrol measures.

The session concluded with a Vote of Thanks delivered by Dr. Amit Vikram, Joint Director of Research. The event witnessed the presence of key figures including Dr. Manish Sharma, Dean College of Horticulture; Dr. CL Thakur, Dean College of Forestry; Dr. Inder Dev, Director Extension Education; Dr. Rajesh Bhalla, Dean Students’ Welfare; Dr. KK Raina, Librarian; Dhayan Singh Chauhan, Comptroller; and Er Anil Parmar, Estate Officer, along with heads of various departments.

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