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Apple Cultivation: Learn to Grow Apples in a Pot

You'd be surprised to know that it is possible to grow apples in a pot as well as indoors, Learn apple cultivation and enjoy fresh apples every day!

Kritika Madhukar

Apple trees may be grown in pots, and there are various reasons why you might choose to do so. If you live in a colder climate, you can keep your apple tree warm enough to survive the winter by keeping it indoors. If you live in an apartment or have a small yard, having an apple tree in a pot allows you to obtain fresh apples. 

Choosing Apple Saplings

Apple trees can be grown from seeds, but they rarely bear fruit. Instead, buying apple tree saplings from a local nursery or ordering them online is a better option. The saplings should be about 4 feet tall and 2-3 years old.

Choose a smaller apple tree type that will thrive in a container instead of a larger tree that would require more soil and space for its roots to stretch out.

Growing an apple tree would require a large pot with drainage holes on the bottom and at least 12 inches of potting soil mixed with peat moss or compost. 

Growing Apple in a Pot

For planting an apple in a pot, you would require a container of about 18 to 22 inches in diameter with a holding capacity of ten to fifteen gallons. For easy portability, make sure the container includes drainage holes and a wheeled base. 

The first thing to keep in mind when planting an apple tree in a container is that you must do so immediately after the winter before the soil hardens. 

Before the root tree sprouts leave and grow in the spring, they must be planted. It will be able to make the most of its first growing season in this manner. However, if you're going to plant the tree on the ground, you must do so at the appropriate period.

You must immerse the tree's roots in water for two or three hours before planting. You would also require to trim them and make sure that the soil stays moist.

The roots will not grow properly if they are dry, and they will not be able to live in the container. You must prepare a bare-root tree for a long growing season if you wish to plant it in a pot.

The basic principles for growing an apple tree in a pot are to water it adequately every few days and provide it with a liquid fertilizer once a week. It should be planted in a pot with a diameter of at least 20 to 25 cm and a depth of at least 20 to 25 cm. Make sure the pot has drainage holes to avoid any watering issues. 

To keep the soil moist, feed the tree with an organic fertilizer in the autumn. Apple trees in containers don't need to be watered between October and March since their leaves fall off and their roots stay moist.

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