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Sugar Apple: Amazing Health Benefits of Custard Apple

Professor Rajendra Kumar
Professor Rajendra Kumar
Custard Apple

Everyone knows that the variety of fruits is something that surprises everyone. From time immemorial, a variety of fruit trees have been planted in the villages.  Fruit trees like mango tree, Jack fruit tree are familiar to everyone.  But there are also trees that are rarely planted.  One of them is the sugar apple tree.

Sugar apple trees are commonly found in the tropics.  It is said that it got its name because it was Sita's favorite fruit during her exile.  It is also known by many names in the same language.

It is a tree that grows in all types of soils in Kerala.  It grows to a height of 5 m to 10 m.  The tree has long smooth pointed leaves.  Flowers grow in clusters facing the leaves.

This is a fleshy fruit. Inside the fruit is a white fleshy inner core.  It is perfectly edible.  But its black pods should be avoided.  In some people, it can cause health problems.  It can cause illnesses such as vomiting and fever.  It is said that if a pregnant woman eats this, she will get it aborted.  These fruits are said to be an excellent remedy for lung ailments.

Sugar apple is mainly grown in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat.  In terms of countries, it is mostly grown in Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Australia.  Good soil, sunlight and moisture are said to be ideal for its cultivation.

The seedlings are usually made by planting pods.  Seedlings can be prepared by budding and grafting .  Seeds germinate within 10 days.  If budded, transplant them after rooting.  Seedlings are usually transplanted only after the seeds have germinated at least 4 leaves.  When planting seedlings, it should be kept at a distance of two and a half meters between two pants.  The manure should be given and the soil should be heaped at the bottom.

This is a tree that bears fruit in three to four years.  Flowering occurs between March and August.  Harvest season begins four months later.

In summer it should be watered at least once a week.  It is necessary to add soil at the bottom as it may rot due to stagnant water.

These are generally pest free trees.  However, bacterial wilt may appear on seedlings.  The remedy is to use seeds dipped in pesticides to germinate.

As mentioned earlier, sugar apples are good for lung diseases.  Its edible white part is high in starch and fat.

It is very important in Ayurveda.  Ayurveda says that it is good for increasing  power.  It is also used in Ayurveda to soothe bile and phlegm.  Its leaves and bark are used to dry wounds.  In Ayurveda, it is also prescribed for cough and epilepsy.  Its leaves can be tied to heal the wounds. Grinding its seeds and applying on head is a popular method used to reduce lice infestation in some countries.

Its leaves and tobaco are used to treat foot and mouth disease in animals.  Its seeds are also used to make bio-pesticides. A tree of  this kind is beneficial to every family.

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