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New Delhi Development Authority Scheme Witnesses Sale of 1,500 Flats

DDA's residential scheme in Dwarka, along with five other locations, sees an overwhelming response with all 50 flats sold out in a month, totalling 1,500 flats booked out of 5,600 on offer, with no closing date announced yet.

Shivangi Rai
1,500 flats sold in new Delhi Development Authority scheme. (Image Courtesy- Freepik)
1,500 flats sold in new Delhi Development Authority scheme. (Image Courtesy- Freepik)

Within a month of its launch, the residential scheme by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) in various locations across the city received an overwhelming response, with all 50 flats in Dwarka being sold out.

In total, 1,500 flats were booked across six locations, including Dwarka, Narela, Rohini, Jasola, Siraspur, and Lok Nayak Puram, out of the 5,600 flats offered in the scheme.

The DDA introduced the housing scheme on a first-come-first-served basis on June 30 and started accepting bookings on July 10. On the first day, more than 600 flats were booked, making it the highest response for any DDA scheme. Subsequently, over the course of the month, an additional 700 flats were booked.

The most popular locations for bookings were Narela and Rohini, with around 700 flats booked in each area. However, despite the high demand, only about 20% of the flats in Narela have been booked so far. Similarly, in Rohini, out of 1,700 flats on offer, only a portion has been booked.

In contrast, Dwarka and Jasola witnessed the highest demand. All 50 flats in Dwarka were quickly taken, and in Jasola, 24 out of 41 flats, priced at ₹2.25 crore each, were booked.

Meanwhile, Lok Nayak Puram and Siraspur experienced the lowest response, with 35 out of 140 flats and 14 out of 125 flats booked, respectively. Nevertheless, bookings are ongoing, and the scheme remains open for interested applicants.

The housing scheme offers flats in various categories, including 1BHK flats in Narela, Siraspur, Rohini, and Lok Nayak Puram, 2BHK in Narela and Dwarka, and 3BHK in Jasola. The registration or booking amounts vary on the basis of flat categories.

For the LIG category, the registration amount is ₹10,000 plus 18% GST for EWS category applicants and ₹1 lakh plus GST for those in the general LIG category. MIG flats require a booking amount of ₹4 lakh plus GST, while for HIG, it is ₹10 lakh plus GST.

Once the initial booking amount is paid, the flat is considered reserved, and a demand letter is sent to the allottee, who is given three months to complete the rest of the payment.

DDA currently has an unsold inventory of approximately 13,000 flats, of which 5,600 are now available for sale through this scheme. There are plans to add more flats to the scheme, and another batch of flats may be available for sale during Navratri in October. As of now, no closing date for the housing scheme has been announced.

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