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No Pre-registration required on Cowin for Covid Vaccine, details inside

M Kanika
M Kanika
Covid Vaccination
Covid Vaccination

The Union Health Ministry said that the pre online registration for Covid-19 Vaccination is not mandatory anymore. People who are between 18 to 44 years and are eligible for the vaccine, can directly visit their nearest vaccination center and can do the on-site registration, to get their vaccination done. 

This is also known as the “walk-ins”.  The government said that in rural areas, pre-registration or pre booking appointment of the Covid-19 vaccine, is one of the reasons that the people from rural areas or other parts of the country are hesitated for.

There are two incidents reported from the rural areas, one in Uttar Pradesh, where an elderly woman, hid behind the drum to dart the vaccination team and another one is in Madhya Pradesh, where the villagers attacked the vaccination team to get rid of the vaccination.

Tamil Nadu- A state which has one of the best health care system in India, is blamed for the poor rate of vaccination and this is because of the “vaccine hesitancy”.

As the third wave of Covid-19 can strike within 6 to 8 months, the government urged to increase the healthcare facilities and vaccination across the country. Also, In the last 24hours, India witnessed the lowest daily new cases of Covid-19, which is 61,000. This is the continues fall of Covid-19 cases, which is below 1 lakh, for the eighth day. 

The Union Health Ministry also added that the facilitated registration through the Common Service Centers on Co-WIN, is one of the many modes of registration on Co-WIN and the facilitators such as ASHA’s or the healthcare workers, also mobilize beneficiaries in the rural areas and those residing in the urban slums, for on-site registration and vaccination, they can directly visit at the nearest vaccination centers.

The facility for assisted registrations through the Help Line number: 1075, has also been operationalized, it added.

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