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Poor Air Quality Makes Difficult to Survive in Delhi, Court Says Socio-Cultural Activities Can't Be Ignored

A panel led by Justice Suresh Kumar Kait emphasized the need to establish a system to ensure that these initiatives are conducted in a controlled fashion, minimizing any harm to the environment.

Vivek Singh
Delhi air quality makes difficult to survive in Delhi (Photo Courtesy: Freepik)
Delhi air quality makes difficult to survive in Delhi (Photo Courtesy: Freepik)

The Delhi High Court, while granting permission for the Ram Leela event in Janakpuri, acknowledged the vital importance of clean air and a healthy environment for human survival. However, it also emphasized the significance of socio-cultural activities in society, highlighting that they are an essential part of human coexistence.

The court recognized concerns related to pollution, traffic congestion, and damage to trees during such events held in parks. To address these issues, the court, led by Justice Suresh Kumar Kait, stressed the need to establish a regulatory mechanism to ensure that such programs are conducted without harming the environment.

The court clarified it doesn't advocate a ban on certain activities but calls for regulated, environmentally responsible execution. Emphasizing Delhi's severe air quality issues, it highlights the need for collective efforts. In a case involving the Ram Leela Committee, they challenged a previous ban on public events at a specific location, citing 30 years of Dussehra celebrations with proper permissions and environmental compliance from DDA.

The court noted that the disputed area was designated as a "multipurpose ground" as per the approved Delhi Master Plan of 2021. It clarified that a nearby district park was exclusively for park activities with no event permissions. The court allowed the appellants to host Dussehra/Ramleela celebrations in 2023 on the plot, emphasizing the protection of existing greenery and no harm to it. The permission extends until October 30, 2023.

The court clarified that it did not intend to obstruct the directions previously given by a single judge to the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) and the Deputy Conservator of Forests to plant trees in the area and improve its appearance for the benefit of the colony's residents.

The court also highlighted the urgent need to address air quality concerns in Delhi and stressed that it is not only the responsibility of government agencies but also the duty of every individual to contribute to the preservation of the city and be active protectors of nature.

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