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Post Office Franchise: You can Earn Millions by Taking Postal Department Franchisees, Know Complete Details

Pronami Chetia
Pronami Chetia

Due to coronavirus lockdown, people are suffering financial crisis as many of them have lost their jobs.

If the budget of your house is disturbed due to loss of one's job or reduction in one's salary, then you don’t have to worry, we have a solution for you. Moreover, people affected by the corona epidemic can take franchisees of the postal department and earn good money.

According to a notification of the postal department, any citizen of India can apply to take the franchise of the Postal Department and open its outlet in their state or city. However, only the applicant selected under the selection process will be given franchise of postal department and these selection will be done on the basis of rules and qualifications related to awarding franchise.

Types of franchises

For the purpose of setting up postal services in every city by the Department of Posts, there are two types of franchises, one of which is linked to the counter service and the other with the postal agency. Different rules and qualifications have been prescribed by the Postal Department for taking both these types of franchises.

Postal Department Franchise

Outlet Franchises related to counter service are offered only for those places where post offices cannot be opened by the Indian Postal Department. In fact, there are many cities and areas in India where there are no post offices and in these areas the plan to open the post office outlets through franchise has been made by the Indian Postal Department. So that by opening the counter service of the postal department in these areas, People can also get post office facilities.

Outlet franchise features

Only counter services are provided in franchises offered under the Department of Posts, while the responsibility of distribution and transmission will continue through the Department of Posts.
The model of this franchise will be implemented only in rapidly developing areas of the city such as metros and surrounding towns.

For those who will open the franchise, the review of the work of their franchise will be taken twice a year by the Department of Posts. The first review of this will be 6 months after the opening of the franchise and the second review will be taken after the completion of the next six months. In the final review, if the work of the franchisee is found to be correct, then the duration of that franchise will be extended.

Your earnings under the outlet franchise will be commission based. That is, the commission you set on selling the goods you sell will be given to you and this commission will be your income.

What Items Can You Sell?

  • Stamp and Stationery Goods

  • E-governance project

  • Registered Article

  • Speed post article

  • Bill, Tax collection work

  • Payment Services Business

  • Postal Life Insurance Business

How much will it cost to Take A Franchise?

You may have to spend 1 to 2 lakhs for this franchise. Also, those who will be selected by the postal department to give franchisees, they will also have to submit a security deposit. According to the rules, the postal department has fixed the minimum security deposit amount as five thousand rupees.

Who Can Apply?

According to the rules of the Department of Posts, the minimum age of the people willing to take this franchise has been fixed at 18 years, while there is no limit to the maximum age.

Only those who have studied till at least the eighth grade are eligible to take the franchise.

Any person is eligible to apply for taking such a franchise. That is, if a person does some kind of business, they are still eligible to take the franchise. However, these franchises will be given in urban, rural and new upcoming urban townships.

If any organization such as colleges, polytechnic institutes, universities, professional colleges can also apply for taking post office franchise.

If a member of your family works in the division of the postal department of your area, then you will not be able to apply for taking the franchise of that area. If a person applies for this franchise, an agreement will be made with that person for taking the franchise. On the other hand, if an organization applies to take a franchise, then the agreement will be made with the head of that organization.

How to Apply for Postal Department Francise?

To take the franchise of Postal Department, you have to apply through offline mode and fill a form and submit that form.

Where to Get the Form?

You have to download the form related to taking the franchise of the Department of Posts by visiting the official website of the Department of Posts https://www.indiapost.gov.in or you can also go to the Regional Post Office of the Department. You can take the form attached to the franchisee.

What is the Process of Filling the Form?

Whoever wants to apply for taking franchise of the Department of Posts, will have to visit this official link and download the 'Application cum Franchise Outlet Agreement Form' given on this link and fill it.

In this form, information such as the name of the person applying, the nationality, the place where they want to work for the franchise, their home address will have to be filled.

After filling all the information, you will have to submit this form to the Superintendent of the postal department of the regional post office of the area in which you want to open your franchise.

What documents are required?

While filling the form related to taking franchise of post office, you will need proof of date of birth, PAN card, documents related to home address. Therefore, before filling the form, get a photocopy of all these documents, because you will have to attach these documents with the form.

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