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Price of Madurai Jasmine Flower Skyrocket to Rs 4000 per Kg

The price of jasmine rose to a new high of Rs 4,000 per kilogram, breaking the previous year's record. Madurai jasmine with a Geographical Indication (GI) tag was sold at the Mattuthavani flower market for Rs 4,000 per kilogram.

M Kanika
Madurai Jasmine Flower
Madurai Jasmine Flower

The price of jasmine rose to a new high of Rs 4,000 per kilogram, breaking the previous year's record. Madurai jasmine with a Geographical Indication (GI) tag was sold at the Mattuthavani flower market for Rs 4,000 per kilogram 

"It was this year's highest price for the flower," S Ramachandran, president of the flower traders association.

He noted that the torrential rains in recent weeks had harmed flower production. "On Sunday, the market saw a supply of less than one tonne of jasmines only," Ramachandran said, referring to the flower's record-high price. Meanwhile, because Monday was the year's penultimate auspicious day and the following auspicious day falls one month later, after Pongal, demand for the flower was strong on Sunday."

According to S Ramachandran, the flower's highest price before Sunday was Rs 2,500 per kilo. The price had hit a high of Rs 7,000 per kilogram 2 years ago. 

About Jasmine Flower (Madurai Malli)

Jasmine Flower is one of the oldest and best fragrant flowers. It is considered as the Queen of flowers and is called the “Queen of Fragrance” or “Belle of India”, because of its exclusive scent & excellent fragrance, which soothes and refreshes within a second. Moreover, it has around 300 varieties.

Talking about its origin, Jasmine is said to have come across the seas from Asia to Europe, first it landed along the Mediterranean Sea conquering Greece & Turkey, then reached Western Europe through Spain, after that France & Italy, and then finally landed in England during the 17th century. 

There are several species of Mogra that are grown in India and are popularly known for their attractive fragrance.

Jasmine has different names in different parts of India - Chameli, Motia,  Jaati, Mallige, Juhi, Mogra , or Moonlight in the grove. Jasmines are cultivated throughout the country but their commercial cultivation is confined to Madurai Coimbatore, Dindigul, Bangalore, Mysore & Kola, Jaunpur & Gazipur, Kannauj, Jaipur, Udaipur, Kota & Ajmer, Kolaghat, Pancskura, Ranaghat , and other parts of Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. 

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