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Prolonged Krishi Andolan, Massive Rallies & Sowing of crops on highway dividers in the spirit of protecting food sovereignty of Nation

Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan
Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan
Protesting farmers

Farmers all over India get ready for a prolonged struggle; massive rallies planned in major cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Patna and others. Punjab farmers begin sowing coriander, radish, carrot and other crops on highway dividers in the spirit of protecting food sovereignty of nation.

Meanwhile the blockade of Jaipur–Delhi Highway started yesterday at Shajahpur border. Farmer organizations camped at the border overnight and from today onwards the gathering will gain momentum as farmers from all over Rajasthan and Haryana are moving to Shajahpur.

Toll Plazas have been blocked in all states and travellers have saved tens of crores in exorbitant toll fees. Protestors agitated at several Reliance malls, shops and petrol pumps all over, particularly in Maharashtra, Jharkhand and Odisha. 

Preventive detention of leaders also have been done to stop today’s protests. While condemning these repressive tactics, AIKSCC is assured that participation in today’s protests will exceed the previous numbers, despite police blockades. Massive rallies on different dates are being planned in state Capitals. Kolkatta will see large rally to Governor House on 16th December while in Patna farmers will rally on 29th December. Mumbai farmers will sit in dharna on 14th December, as assembly session begins, demanding passing of laws to negate the ill-effects of the Central Farm Laws.

Punjab–Haryana farmers and others all over India are planning for a prolonged struggle. Farmers are determined to overcome the divisive and diversionary tactic of the Govt. at the behest of corporate interest.

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