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Punjab Assembly Polls: Sanyukt Samaj Morcha Releases First List of Candidates

Various Punjab farmer associations that were involved in the uprising against the Centre's now-repealed agricultural regulations indicated last month that they will run in the state assembly polls.

Chintu Das
Sanyukt Samaj Morcha
Sanyukt Samaj Morcha

The Sanyukt Samaj Morcha, a political front formed by numerous farmer associations to contest the Punjab assembly polls on February 14, unveiled its initial list of ten candidates on Wednesday. Balbir Singh Rajewal, a farmer leader, was named as the party's candidate for the Samrala assembly seat. The SSM is led by Rajewal. 

Prem Singh Bhangu, a farmer leader, would run from Ghanaur, Harjinder Singh Tanda from Khadoor Sahib, Ravneet Singh Brar from Mohali, and Dr Sukhmandeep Singh from Tarn Taran, according to the list. 

Rajesh Kumar from Kartarpur, Ajay Kumar from Phillaur, Ramandeep Singh from Jaiton, Balraj Singh from Qadian, and Dr Navdeep Singh from Moga will also compete, according to the list. 

Rajewal said they will unveil their first list of candidates after ruling out any alliance with the Aam Aadmi Party a few days ago. 

Several Punjab farmer associations that were involved in the uprising against the Centre's now-repealed agricultural regulations indicated last month that they will run in the state assembly elections. Punjabi voters will go to the polls on February 14 and the results will be tallied on March 10. 

Balbir Singh Rajewal, 79; Seat: Samrala 

Rajewal, the president of the SSM, which was founded on December 25 by 22 farmer unions in Punjab, would run for the Ludhiana constituency of Samrala. He is from the village of Rajewal in this constituency. He is also the president of the BKU (Rajewal), a Punjab farmer union. 

Prem Bhangu, 71; Seat: Ghanaur 

Bhangu is the convenor of the SSM's legal cell and is an advocate by profession. He is the president of the Punjab branch of the All India Kisan Federation. Bhangu will run in the Patiala district's Ghanaur seat. He holds a double MA as well as a law degree. 

Harjinder Tanda, 52; Seat: Khadoor Sahib 

Tanda is the head of the Azad Kisan Sangrash Committee, which has a considerable following in Tarn Taran and Gurdaspur, as well as a few districts in Doaba and Malwa. This committee is also one of SSM's 22 constituencies. 

Ravneet Brar, 35; Seat: Mohali 

Brar is a BKU spokesman (Qadian) and an MBA. This union is a member of the SSM as well. 

Dr. Sukhmandeep Singh Dhillon, 25; Seat: Tarn Taran 

He is a young MBBS doctor who is now doing his internship. Dhillon was a part of Dr Swaimaan Singh's medical team at the Tikri border, which assisted farmers for the whole year. 

Rajesh Kumar, Seat: Kartarpur 

Kumar is a contender for the Kartarpur reserved seat. He is now in his forties and is still a member of the Doaba Kisan Sangrash Committee. Kumar spent most of the fight near the Delhi border. 

Dr. Ramandeep Singh; Seat: Jaiton 

He is a doctor running for the reserved seat of Jaiton in the Faridkot district. Dr. Singh, too, spent the full year as part of a medical team near the Tikri border. He's a man in his thirties. 

Ajay Kumar; Seat: Phillaur 

He is in his mid-thirties and works as an advocate. 

Balraj Singh Thakur; Seat: Qadian 

Thakur is a union leader of Majha Kisan Sangrash Committee. 

Navdeep Sangha (41); Seat: Moga 

Before joining the AAP in 2017, Sangha was a member of the Congress and the SAD. He resigned from the primary membership of AAP. Apart from being a movie producer, he is also a liquor contractor. 

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