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Punjab Govt Transfers Rs 19.83 Crore to 17,007 Farmers Embracing Direct Seeding of Rice

This move aims to encourage sustainable farming practices with financial incentives for farmers.

KJ Staff
Gurmeet Singh Khudian, Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare Minister, Punjab (Courtesy: agri.punjab.gov.in)
Gurmeet Singh Khudian, Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare Minister, Punjab (Courtesy: agri.punjab.gov.in)

The Punjab government facilitated the transfer of Rs 19.83 crore into the bank accounts of 17,007 farmers who actively engaged in the direct seeding of rice (DSR) during the kharif season of 2023. This initiative aimed to incentivise and support farmers adopting environmentally friendly approaches to cultivating crops.

Encouraging Adoption of Direct Seeding of Rice

Punjab Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare Minister, Gurmeet Singh Khudian, disclosed that a substantial number of 19,114 farmers registered their participation, covering an expansive 1.72 lakh acres through the DSR portal during the 2023-24 season. This indicates a commendable interest and engagement among the farming community in embracing progressive cultivation methods.

Verification and Progress

Highlighting the government's commitment to ensuring transparency and authenticity, Khudian emphasized that district officials meticulously verified 18,931 farmers along with over 1.33 lakh acres of land engaged in the direct seeding of rice. This verification process underscores the meticulous approach taken by the authorities to ascertain genuine participation and land coverage.

Government's Environmental Conservation Efforts

Khudian reiterated the government's steadfast support for encouraging the adoption of DSR among farmers, emphasizing its role in conserving groundwater resources. To motivate and incentivize farmers further, the state government announced an attractive incentive of Rs 1,500 per acre for those opting to sow paddy directly without the conventional transplanting method during the 2023-24 season.

Efficient Disbursement and Pending Payments

Post-verification procedures, the substantial sum of Rs 19.83 crore has been successfully disbursed into the accounts of eligible beneficiary farmers. Minister Khudian proudly announced that nearly 98.8 percent of the payment to the farmers has been processed, affirming the government's commitment to prompt and efficient financial support. The remaining outstanding amounts are slated for imminent transfer, ensuring complete fulfillment of the promised incentives.

The Punjab government's proactive steps in encouraging sustainable farming practices through financial incentives demonstrate a concerted effort towards fostering environmentally conscious agriculture while supporting the agricultural community's welfare. This initiative not only aids in groundwater conservation but also serves as a testament to the government's commitment to bolstering progressive agricultural methods for a sustainable future.

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