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Kharif Harvesting: Use these Machines to Make Harvesting Easy

M Kanika
M Kanika
Agriculture Machinery
Agriculture Machinery

The use of modern agricultural machinery is increasing. One of the main reasons for this is that crops can be prepared with less labor and with the use of modern agricultural machines. The work of harvesting and selling the Kharif crop is going on all over the country.

Let us know the Special features & Benefits of These Agricultural Machines.

Reaper cum binder

In agriculture, harvesting is done after the crop is ripe. Power reaper cum binder is agricultural machinery that helps in cutting and tying the crops when they are ripe. It is a multipurpose machine that performs multiple tasks in a small & manageable manner. It is suitable for harvesting & bundling wheat, paddy, and other oilseeds and pulses crops with less effort.

The farmer can easily collect the bundles with its help. Tractor-driven reaper cum binders also come in the market. It runs on its own engine. Harvesting and bundle making are done simultaneously. It is very suitable for wheat & paddy crops. With the help of Reaper cum binder we can harvest one acre in one hour. This saves about 50% in the cost of harvesting.

Multicrop Thresher

Thresher is the most important instrument of agricultural mechanization. Which does the work of threshing crops; it extracts grains from the stalk & husk. Various crops can be threshed with a multi-crop thresher. Tractor Driven and Electric Driven are two types of Multicrop Threshers.

Combine Thresher

It is a combined machine for threshing & reaping crops. It roams the field, reaping the crops, grazing, and clearing the grain. The stalk is left standing in the field and the crop is cut & goes directly to the machine. The clean grain goes on filling sacks on one side and the straw keeps falling on one side after threshing, dewatering & sifting in the machine itself.

Potato Digger Machine- Potato Digger

Potato Digger Machine for digging potatoes is of great use to the farmers. Potatoes are not harmed at all by the use of this machine; they come out without cut potatoes. Its depth can be increased or decreased. Potato Digger removes potatoes from the ground and also sweeps the soil out of it, resulting in very high-quality potatoes.

With its use, potatoes can be excavated in more and more land in less time. It is equipped with a blade, chain conveyor belt, gearbox, etc. This machine can be used to set a precise depth on the agricultural land. Then the same depth will be available to the farmer in the entire field, which makes the digging of potatoes very easy.

Cotton Plucker Machine

This machine is very useful for cotton cultivating farmers. Farmer can grow cotton in less time. This machine reduces manual peaking and facilitates the harvesting of cotton. At the same time, it reduces the cost of harvesting cotton and improves the quality of cotton. It is a hand-controlled machine, weighing 600 grams. Two rollers are found inside this machine. On its outer periphery, there are teeth with small edges. While harvesting the crops, the cotton gets stuck in its rollers, and after harvesting they are collected in the bags attached to it.

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