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STIHL Brush Cutters Bound To Yield Maximum Efficiency

STIHL has introduced the most thrilling products, FS 3001 Brush Cutter, FS 230 Brush Cutter, and Backpack Brush Cutter – FR 230 that can make potentially laborious tasks easier to do.

Parvathy Pillai
Image Courtesy: www.stihl.in
Image Courtesy: www.stihl.in

In agriculture, it becomes vital to eliminate the slightest component that can affect the yield in any way possible.  Weeds, being one such component can damage agricultural produce in a significant manner. In certain cases, these can overpower crop plants for essential requirements and reduce the growth of crops in various ways. Hence, it becomes important to remove them from the cultivated field at the early stage in order to get a high yield of the crop.

The world-renowned farm equipment brand, STIHL, has introduced the most significant products, FS 3001 Brush Cutter, FS 230 Brush Cutter, and Backpack Brush Cutter – FR 230 that can solve this misery effectively and efficiently.

STIHL Brush Cutters are best for horticulture or garden cultivation which is shattered with long grass, fibrous weeds, saplings, and small shrubs. These Brush Cutters will make potentially laborious tasks easier to do. These are well-balanced and comfortable tools that grant maximum efficiency, even while chopping down thick vegetation and rough grass from the garden.

FS 3001 Brush Cutter

With a user-friendly and ergonomic design, the brush cutter makes it easier for farmers and growers to work with tough grass. It is suitable for multiple types of blades that are excellent comfort due to their being lightweight.

  • This 2-stroke brush cutter boasts an impressive 1.3 horsepower engine

  • It has an engine displacement of 25cc

  • Fuel tank capacity of 0.9L

  • It has an engine power of 0.97kW

  • It exhibits an ergonomic design

  • Saves time and effort

  • Easy-to-use auto-cut function

  • Compact and robust brush cutter for multifunctional use in agriculture

  • It also delivers superior performance while being lightweight.

FS 230 Brush Cutter

FS 230 is one of the best-selling products in the market. This brush cutter is powerful and is best suitable for cutting, trimming, and shaping with this machinery in bigger areas.

  • It comes with a cruise control function

  • It has a 2-stroke engine

  • It has an engine displacement of 40cc

  • It exhibits an ergonomic bike handle that helps to mow large areas quickly and effortlessly, as this handle supports a natural brush cutter movement

  • It also has a multifunctional control handle.

Backpack Brush Cutter – FR 230

This product is powerfully lightweight, automatically accessible, and easy to carry in a backpack used in mowing in areas that are difficult to access. These and used to trim tough grasses, weeds, small trees, scrub, etc.

  • It comes with a cruise control function

  • It has a round handle

  • It has a multifunctional control handle

  • FR 230 has an anti-vibration system

  • It also has a nylon mowing head.

It is to be noted that FS 230 brush cutter and backpack brush cutter – FR 230 are excellent fuel savers and save up to 15% fuel. Not just that, both these brush cutters provide high user comfort with their consistent speed control and the newly introduced design of the bike handle.


STIHL, with its center in Germany, has been devoted to working for farmers for 90 years. It is a leading manufacturer of farming equipment, both, nationally and internationally. Everywhere, it is taking the agricultural sector to new heights with its novel and innovative solutions. 

Presently, STIHL is manufacturing farming equipment in 7 countries. It has its own marketing and sales centers in 41 countries. Other than this, the company has an operational network of 54,000 servicing dealers in more than 160 countries. The role of this network is to make farmers aware of new farming equipment and agricultural technologies.  

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