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'1,098 Machines Available in Mohali District for Stubble Management,' Says DC

Deputy Commissioner Aashika Jain promoted stubble management machinery, discouraged stubble burning, and imposed environmental compensation for violations in the district.

Shivangi Rai
The DC said there were 1,098 stubble handling machines in the district. (Image Courtesy- Freepik)
The DC said there were 1,098 stubble handling machines in the district. (Image Courtesy- Freepik)

Deputy Commissioner Aashika Jain visited villages near Banur on November 4, where she provided support and encouragement to farmers who have been using crop residue management machinery to handle stubble.

The district administration also appealed to all farmers in the district to avoid burning stubble and instead use mechanical methods for the greater good of the community.

During her interaction with farmers and baler operators in Budhanpur, Basma, and Khalawar villages, who were utilizing stubble management machines in their fields, Deputy Commissioner Jain assured them that the district administration is committed to ensuring an adequate supply of machinery for farmers. To facilitate this, a dedicated control room and helpline with phone numbers 0172-2219505 and 2219506 have been established at the district level.

Deputy Commissioner Jain informed that there are currently 1,098 stubble handling machines available in the district. She emphasized the importance of encouraging Panchayats and co-operative societies in the district to acquire more stubble management machinery, thereby reducing the number of farm fires.

In a meeting with district officials, Deputy Commissioner Jain discussed the issue of stubble burning and directed them to seek compensation for environmental damage from farmers who engage in this practice. She also instructed officials to make a red entry in the revenue records of those responsible for stubble burning.

It was noted that so far, 24 cases of stubble burning in the district have resulted in environmental compensation amounting to Rs 65,000 being imposed on the farm owners.

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