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Rashtriya Kisan Progressive Association Raises Concerns Over Misleading Information Hurting Farmers

Calls for accountability and stringent measures to combat the spread of sub-standard pesticides.

Saurabh Shukla
Rashtriya Kisan Progressive Association Raises Concerns Over Misleading Information Hurting Farmers
Rashtriya Kisan Progressive Association Raises Concerns Over Misleading Information Hurting Farmers

The Rashtriya Kisan Progressive Association (RKPA) has come forward to address what it sees as a critical issue affecting the farming community across India. In a press conference held on March 09, 2024 in the national capital, Mr. Binod Anand, the National President of RKPA, expressed grave concerns over the dissemination of misleading facts by certain associations and vested interests, which he believes are detrimental to the interests of farmers nationwide.

Stop Misleading Information

The RKPA, a prominent pan-India association dedicated to the welfare and advancement of farmers, has accused certain entities of presenting misleading information regarding the prevalence of substandard and spurious pesticides in the country. Mr. Anand fervently opposed the statement that only 2% of the overall pesticide market in India comprises sub-standard products, labeling it as deceptive and harmful to farmers' interests.

“India’s agricultural productivity has increased by more than 6 times since 1950, a remarkable achievement indeed. But unfortunately, per acre yield is way below in comparison to many developed and developing nations. Despite having 30% more arable land and 67% more rainfall than China, India’s agriculture GDP is about one-third of China's. One major contributor to lower yields is the widespread use of low-quality inputs including agrochemicals. Yet, some vested interest dares to put the level of sub-standard products at 2% of the overall Indian market. This is nothing but misleading and cheating of farmers,” said Binod Anand. He highlighted that such misinformation only exacerbates the challenges faced by farmers, impacting their livelihoods and the nation's agricultural economy at large.

Impact on Farmers and Economy

Mr. Anand highlighted instances where the usage of sub-standard pesticides led to substantial crop damage, such as the devastating loss of chili crops across South India in 2021. He emphasized the dire consequences faced by farmers and consumers alike due to the spread of counterfeit pesticides in the market.

Moreover, Mr. Anand raised concerns regarding the inadequate action taken against perpetrators involved in the production and distribution of fraudulent pesticides. He cited examples where regulatory authorities failed to address the issue effectively, thereby perpetuating the cycle of fraud and endangering agricultural sustainability.

Echoing Mr. Anand's sentiments, Mr. Pawan Payal, the National General Secretary of RKPA, emphasized the need for stringent measures to combat the menace of sub-standard pesticides. He pointed out discrepancies in the sampling procedures conducted by insecticide inspectors, which he believes contribute to the flourishing sub-standard pesticide market.

"The implementation of existing regulations, such as Section 21 of the Insecticide Act, 1968, is imperative to ensure accountability and curb the proliferation of sub-standard pesticides," remarked Mr. Payal. He called for a concerted effort from regulatory authorities, industry stakeholders, and the government to address this pressing issue and safeguard the interests of farmers across the nation.

In conclusion, the RKPA reiterated its commitment to advocating for the welfare of farmers and urged all stakeholders to prioritize the eradication of sub-standard pesticides from the agricultural supply chain for the prosperity of the farming community and the nation as a whole.

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