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Rs 25 per liter Subsidy on Petrol: Check Eligibility Criteria and Application Process Inside

Pink and green ration cardholders in the state who own two-wheelers would receive Rs 25 per liter on petrol for a maximum of 10 liters per month underneath the scheme.

Shivani Meena
Petrol Pump
Petrol Pump

On Wednesday, Chief Minister Hemant Soren unveiled the CMSUPPORTS App, which allows poor people covered by the National Food Security Scheme or the Jharkhand State Food Security Scheme to register for the "Petrol Subsidy Scheme." Pink and green ration cardholders in the state who own two-wheelers would receive Rs 25 per liter on petrol for a maximum of 10 liters per month underneath the scheme. 

On December 29, Soren announced a Rs 25 per liter petrol subsidy for BPL families while speaking to an audience at a program commemorating the government's two years in office. 

Pink and green ration cardholders of state-owned two-wheelers may now access the service via app or by signing on to the website at http://jsfss.jharkhand.gov.in. CM Hemant Soren will launch the plan from Dumka on January 26.

The Application Process to get the subsidy 

The applicant must provide his ration card and Aadhaar number, and an OTP will be provided to the cellphone number associated with his Aadhaar. The applicant's ration card number will serve as the login, and the passcode will be the last eight digits of the Aadhaar number of the head of the family. 

Following OTP verification, the applicant would submit the vehicle number and driving license number when selecting a name on the ration card. The verification will go as follows: the vehicle number will be submitted to the DTO's login, which will be validated by the DTO. Following verification, the list will be sent to the District Supply Officer's login. 

Eligibility Criteria 

Ration cards issued under the National Food Security Act or the Jharkhand State Food Security Act must be shown by the applicant. The ration card should have the verified Aadhaar numbers of all household members. The applicant's bank account number and cellphone number should be updated with their Aadhaar number. The applicant's vehicle should be registered in his or her name. 

An applicant should have a valid driving license. Jharkhand registration is required for the two-wheeler. 

In the proposal prepared by the Food Supplies Department, it is estimated that 20 lakh families will receive petrol subsidies in the fiscal year 2021-22. According to this, if 20 lakh families receive subsidies in the current fiscal year, the government will bear an additional burden of Rs 50 crore per month. However, the department has completed the scheme for the fiscal year 2022-23, estimating that it will help 30 lakh families. 

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