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Sale of Eggs, Poultry, Meat and Fish Permitted during Corona Lockdown

Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan
Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan

Refuting rumours circulating in social media and other forum, The Union Minister for Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying said there is no risk in eating non-vegetarian food. This kind of messages in Social media had created panic among  had created panic amongst the poultry farmers, industries and consumers.  Because of this misleading information, the sale of eggs and chicken meat had drastically suffered and millions of poor farmers dependent on poultry farming are now under threat of losing their livelihood. 

Hindu on March 11/2020 reported that a poultry farmer in Dahanu, Maharashtra had destroyed ₹5.8 crore worth poultry products due to lack of demand. Suresh Bhatlekar, destroyed 5.8 crore business of 35 poultry farms three hatcheries in Gujarat. He dumped 1.75 lakh one-day-old birds and nine lakh hatchery eggs as he witnessed a setback amidst rumours around coronavirus.

Najeer Ahmed Makandar in Karnataka buried a 6000 chickens in a pit in his farm and buried them over coronavirus fear and he also shot a heartbreaking video of the burial which has gone viral. 

Government of India vide their circular which has been put out on 30 March has clarified that chicken, eggs are the cheap source of protein and boos the immunity of the human body and COVIS-19 is not spread through poultry and poultry products. Further they have also requested the states to spread awareness among the people regarding the consumption of eggs and meat. 

They have also included them among the essential commodities and the shops in rural areas are allowed to sale eggs, poultry, meat and fish during the lockdown period. But what about Poultry Industry which lost Rs 2000 Crore daily and what about the farmers who lost everything ? 

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