Southern States: New Epicenter of Draught

Monsoon for the year has been performing amazingly. But the monsoon spells are not uniform throughout the country and 8% deficient. When on the one hand, South West monsoon, which downpours from June-September, has been performing wonderfully in the Northern, Central and Western States, i.e. 3% beyond the average. The eastern parts of the country witnessing floods, Country’s Southern peninsula has been witnessing 25% less than the average of the historical monsoon spells. Last year monsoon in this region was weaker by 35%.

This has brought in discussion, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu as the new epicenter of draught after it being Maharashtra couple of years back. Though information is, there will be no inflation in food prices, since the other states as UP, Maharashtra, Bihar, West Bengal etc had bumper production.

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Krishi Jagran