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The Correct Way to Use Hand Sanitizers; Never Make These Mistakes

Vivek Verma
Vivek Verma
Hand Hygiene

Coronavirus cases are constantly increasing day by day. More and More people are getting infected. Maintaining Hygiene is important but maintaining hand hygiene is most important. Always wash your hands before eating and after touching a surface. It is one of the best precautions you can take against COVID-19.

After washing hands with soap and water, using hand sanitizers is the second best option. It is also convenient as many times you don’t have the option to wash your hands. Hand Sanitizers instantly kill harmful germs and bacteria when applied.

Centre for Disease Control (CDC), a US agency has notified that majority of the people are not using the hand sanitizers properly. CDC have charted When & How to use hand sanitizers the correct way. CDC also advocates the use of SOAP & WATER as primary as it is more effective in removing certain types of germs. Hand Sanitizers should always be the second option. All people should rub their hands for at least 20 seconds when washing hands with soap & water.

Which Sanitizers to Use?

As per the CDC, hand sanitizers with the alcohol concentration between 60-95% works better in killing harmful germs and bacteria. Hand Sanitizers with less than 60% of alcohol concentration does not work equally well in killing germs.

The Correct Way to Apply & Use Hand Sanitizers

As per CDC, most people don’t use hand sanitizers long enough. Hand Sanitizers should be used for at least 30 seconds after applying by rubbing the hands. It will decrease the chances of getting infected. People should not wipe off their hands before the hand sanitizer has dried. According to CDC, people have been at risk of transmission without knowing it. Make sure to rub your hands for at least 30 seconds next time u=you use a hand sanitizer.

However, hand sanitizers are best suited for non-greasy or non-soiled hands. Some studies shows that when applied on heavily greasy or soiled hands, hand sanitizers do not work well. In that cases, washing hands is a much better option.

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